What the COVID19 pandemic has taught me and why it will make me a better coach!

By May 24, 2020No Comments

I have always said that I am willing to do whatever it takes no matter how painful to take care of my family financially and I am proving that by conquering my biggest fear of doing a boring job working for someone else (I am working at a local Lowe’s store to augment my income and be able to have our gym support my team of coaches when we are allowed to open again) and that the ONLY thing that matters in this life is if you are a good person to yourself and to others and that not matter what you do that you do it the absolute best that you are able.  It doesn’t matter what your job title is, how much money you make or if you have accomplished the goals that you set for yourself in your head. If you are always working to be the best person you can be, focusing on helping others be the best they can be, no matter what your situation, and not letting your situation dictate your attitude towards whatever you are going through THAT is the most important thing and nothing else!!! I have come to these conclusions by doing a lot of self reflection and studying Stoic philosophy and religion during this time (check out http://www.dailystoic.com WHICH IS SUPER HELPFUL!). Having to live and learn this myself will allow me to teach it to those that I coach in our fitness and personal development business!! CARPE DIEM! AMOR FATI! https://www.strongtogetherchelsea.com