We hope that you and your families are healthy and doing well!

We are REALLY so VERY appreciative of all of our members who have stuck with us during this entire challenging time and cannot express enough thanks for your loyalty! When we were forced to shut our doors we were at an all time peak membership and have only had 13 members cancel their memberships to this point one week away from reopening! This is a testament to the strength of our community so THANK YOU!!

Hopefully, you have been taking advantage of our AWESOME online training platform during this time, which we and all of our Strong Together affiliates have been working hard to make GREAT!

Last week we started our 6PM outdoor workouts at Half Moon Lake which is north of North Territorial road off Hankerd Rd.. During the next week we will have outdoor classes at my farm at 14010 Jerusalem Rd. (or in my barn if the weather is REALLY, REALLY bad) at 6PM Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday at 6PM will be at Half Moon Lake and Friday will be at 4:30PM at my farm and 9:30AM on Saturday at my farm.

We will be opening for regular classes at our facility on Monday June 15th! We will be running a reduced class schedule and limiting the number of members in the gym working out to 15. If you are planning on attending class or doing open gym you MUST sign in prior to class using the Club Ready Members App. Also, if you sign into class but do not attend and do not unbook yourself at least 2 hours prior to class your account will be charged a $25 fee.

Our reduced temporary schedule when we open on the 15th will be as follows:

We will continue to post new workout, yoga and mobility videos to the Strong Together Member Portal and there will continue to be live online workouts every day at 10AM and 4:30PM even after we re-open physically. If you are not ready or cannot make it to the gym for some reason just sign on to the member portal at www.iamstrongtogether.com and do a virtual class ANY TIME!

We have a 10 point cleaning and sterilization process in place and will keep the gym VERY clean and safe for you! Members will be responsible for sterilizing your equipment and workout area after your workout.

Members and coaches will not be required to wear masks in the gym but are more than welcome to if they wish.

Lastly, because our classes will be much smaller going forward and our athletes will be getting much more personal coaching attention, we will be increasing our rates significantly when we reopen. However, current members will be grandfathered in at their current rates. Only new members will be charged the new higher rates. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU CANCELLED YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND WISH TO REJOIN AT YOUR OLD LOWER RATE YOU HAVE UNTIL 6/22/2020 TO DO SO OR YOU WILL PAY THE HIGHER RATES IF YOU REJOIN AFTER 6/22/2020!

Please contact us with any questions or concerns and once again thank you so much for your support during these challenging times!

We cannot wait to see everyone and get after it together in person again!

Carpe Diem,

Coach Cyril