We are SO looking forward to reopening this week and seeing everyone again and GETTING AFTER IT!  We obviously are focused on keeping all our athletes and team members safe and healthy and have developed the following 21 point Germ Minimization Protocol to ensure we accomplish this:

  1. Members or children of members should not come to the facility if they have a fever or are not feeling well
  2. Members will wash or hand sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the facility and before starting class or touching any equipment.
  3. If you are doing open gym while a class is going on you must please also sign into that class. If at any time open gym is too disruptive to a class it is up to the coaches discretion whether open gym will be allowed during the class.
  4. Members attending class will get their own cleaning supplies from the designated cleaning supply area prior to starting class.
  5. Workouts will be slightly shorter so that there is plenty of time to clean and enter / exit between classes.
  6. Members will try and maintain at least a 10 ft. perimeter around their workout area between other members working out.
  7. Members are responsible for cleaning their workout areas and equipment.
  8. Class coaches are responsible for ensuring members clean their areas and equipment
  9. Reservation system with strict booking and no show policies. If you book yourself in a class and you do not show up and unbook yourself at least 1 hour prior to class your account will be assessed a $25 charge.
  10. Member capacity limitation (class and open gym) limited to 15 people
  11. Daily deep cleaning
  12. Use of separate exit door preferred, doors left open when possible
  13. Mask and gloves recommended but not mandatory for staff and members
  14. Member Towel Required
  15. Hourly cleaning by coaching staff of high touch areas
  16. No water fountains, bottled water will be supplied
  17. Members who use the showers should clean them well with the supplied cleaning supplies
  18. Coaches will set up as much of the class equipment as they can prior to each class.
  19. Ensure the facility is well ventilated.
  20. Have more warmups and workouts outdoors.
  21. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We cannot thank you enough for all your support during these difficult times and can’t wait to be with you all again!

Stay in the fight!

Coach Cyril