We would just like to say a big THANKS to all first responders in our country (and especially our members), military, police, fire, EMT, and emergency medical professionals for protecting and taking care of us! As we do not have to tell you, your jobs are most of the time thankless (ESPECIALLY TODAY) and you don’t get paid or supported nearly enough for what you do everyday! BUT WE GREATLY APPRECIATE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU 150%!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! One of our members is a police officer. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet with a young wife and baby girl. He stopped a professor who was driving drunk the other day and she proceeded to tell him what a terrible person he is and how her students are ashamed of him and then proceeded to drive off DRUNK and hit him with her mirror!!! This is completely mind blowing to me! That an supposedly educated (albeit drunk) person could even think like this! I am sure that this person is someone who also professes to support equal rights for all minorities, genders and people yet she can display such hatred against someone she doesn’t even know who is protecting us from her drunk driving and other evil things!! AMAZING! Who is this professor going to call when someone is breaking into her home or hurting someone she loves? These are scary times and I would not blame our first responders one bit if they did not answer our calls for help but I KNOW THEY WILL!! Please watch the following short video for a video thanks from coach Cyril and Ken who is a retired fire fighter.