I want to go over something super important and that is a lot of our athletes whether in the gym, when we can work out in the gym, or outside or online doing our great online program, don’t know what weight to use on a movement. Maybe you have some kettle bells or dumbbells or you’re working with a barbell and you’re just starting out and have no clue what the right weight is for you to use. As an example, if we are doing a five by five back squat which would be five sets of five reps of the back squat and we are supposed to start the first of the working sets at sixty percent of your one rep max. Therefore, if your one rep max (the most you have ever done on the back squat for one repetition) you can do one rep is one hundred pounds then you should start that first of five sets at around 60 pounds. That means that you need to work up to that and you don’t just put 60 pounds on the bar and say, “Okay coach i’m ready to go!” You want to work up to that weight. We always, always, always start every movement by doing only the barbell. I don’t care if we’re lifting ten thousand pounds or two pounds we always start the barbell movement just with the empty barbell. Then you work your way up to that first starting percentage (60 pounds in our example above) over a several WARM UP SETS before you start your WORKING SET. (the first of the five sets of back squats in our example above). If you don’t have a one-rep max just put a little weight on and do the number of repetitions required in the movement and see how that feels. Some days you will feel better than others and the prescribed weight is ONLY a suggestion. Perhaps you are feeling beat up or overly tired, in which case you would use less weight than the prescribed. i see people standing around trying to figure out what weight they should use in their head. You are not going to ever know how much weight to use unless you TRY a light weight and then increase that weight over a few warmup sets to see how it feels. The heavier the prescribed starting working set weight the more warm up sets you will need. The other thing we many of our newer athletes (and some not so new) doing all the time is asking how many pounds a certain kettlebell is when kettlebells are part of a workout. I have been doing this a long time and I still can’t remember how much many of our kettlebells weigh so what I do instead is TRY a light one and then TRY a heavier one. I KNOW what LIGHT and HEAVY feels like so it doesn’t matter what the weight number is! The weight you select is also going to depend on how many repetitions you are doing in any particular workout. With lower reps (anything from 1 to 5) you can use a heavier weight and the more reps required the lighter weight (BY FEELING) should be used. Again, I cannot stress this enough: TRY a weight and see how it feels. The longer you train the better you will be at choosing your weights wisely. Thank you! Love you guys and thank you for your continued support! We hope you’re all well staying safe, staying fit doing our online program! https://www.strongtogetherchelsea.com