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    Our first annual formal client appreciation event WODScars is coming up fast (October 18th at 6:30PM)! We will be handing out lots of awesome awards that night and need your help voting for the following categories! Please email or text us back with your answers! Thanks! 1.) Khaleesi AWARD= the person that most exemplifies what STF is. Someone who doesn’t quit, someone who helps others, someone who does the right thing at all times, someone bleeds & sweats for STF. 2.) Most improved male: 3.) Most improved female: 4.) Best person to partner with: 5.) Most helpful (cleans up after class, helps with any questions you have): 6.) Best dressed/all the gear: 7.) Most outgoing: ....

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    We are so excited to announce our new online SWAG store where you can get tons of different Strong Together SWAG like T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Sports Bras, Knee Wraps, Hats and Back Packs just to name a few items! Here is the link! Please check it out and make sure you enter the discount code STFCHELSEA to receive a discount! Click on the "LOCATIONS" menu to get SWAG with "CHELSEA" on it. Carpe Diem! ....

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    Coaches Cyril, Larry and Ken drove 9 hours (each way) to New Jersey this weekend to attend the 2019 Strong Together Fitness Trainers Summit where they were awarded the 2019 Strong Together of the Year and Mega Growth Awards!!! Thank you to all our clients and team who made this possible and lets win next year too! A Brief Video Message from Coach Cyril

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    We are so proud of our athletes Kristin Konschuh, Kristi Ramirez and Ashley Hood for winning a metal in their competition yesterday! CONGRATS LADIES! YOUR HARD WORK DEFINITELY PAID OFF! ....

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  • Wine & Workout

    Wine & Workout

    Wine & Workout September 20th @ 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. We will have some wine for you but you can also bring your own. Or whatever type of mingling beverage you'd like. This is a great time to bring a friend in for a workout and wine mingle afterward. Reserve a spot by texting 734-725-2119, and let up know if you need a spot reserved for a friend. www.strong ....

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    Congratulations to Jim and Kristin Joyce for getting after it with us for FIVE YEARS! Thank you for your loyalty, friendship and sharing your entire family with us! WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOU AND SUCH AN HONOR TO KNOW YOU! Keep up the great work! THANK YOU! ....

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    Congratulations to Melinda who just completed her 6 Week Transformation Challenge and crushed it! Better yet she has also to continue her health and fitness journey with us! Keep it up Melinda you are doing awesome and we really appreciate you! Do you want to get tone and fit like Melinda? Contact us at (734) 433-9607 or and we WILL make it happen! ....

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    Congratulations to Jordan Beecham for winning this year's Beer League! Great job Jordan and thanks to all those who participated and to coaches Anthony and Kristin for organizing it! ....

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  • 20 Aug 2019 BEAR DEN WINNERS!

    20 Aug 2019 BEAR DEN WINNERS!

    Congratulations to this month's Bear Den Commitment Club winners! The following members completed at least 3 workouts per week for a month and were entered into a drawing to win a $50 in gym credit which can be used for SWAG, protein, drinks or a membership discount! Click the link below to see which Bear Den member wins this month's prize!! This month's Bear Den Commitment Club members are: Kristin Joyce Shelby Platt Jordan Beecham Larry Hein Ailish Joyce Patrick Joyce Samantha Baize Cyril White Abhay Vadhavkar Catherine Meldrum Kathryn Haroney Lindsey Guzi Angela Stanley Wendy Fitch Jenny Miller Aaron LaRock Jaimie ....

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  • Movement Video Library

    Movement Video Library

    If you are ever at home or can't make it to our facility and wish to practice the movements we use in our classes CrossFit has a great video library of most of the movements with tutorials on the points of performance on You Tube, which you can access by clicking the link below: Click Here to Access the Exercise Video Library

    Enjoy! ....

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