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    Thank you to all who completed our recent quarterly client satisfaction survey! We really value your feedback and try and do everything we can to accommodate all your suggestions as far as possible! One of the suggestions we had a lot of was to add another "Cardio Kickboxing Class". Therefore, we are going to do that in our Tuesday 7PM class starting next week on 3/12!!! Please note that you do not need ANY martial arts experience to attend this class and it is just another functional group fitness class like our others. The only difference is we add some striking techniques as one of the movements with all the other great movements your're used to! So please come to these classes on ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT 50/50!!


    It's that time of year again already! Time for our annual March Madness 50/50 Tournament! The way it works is you click the link below. Set up your account. Fill out your bracket (FYI YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT COLLEGE BASKETBALL TO DO THIS AND PROBABLY HAVE A BETTER CHANCE TO WIN IF YOU DON'T!)
    and pay $20. At the end of the NCAA basketball tournament the person who picked the most winners in their bracket win half the pot and the other half goes to our equipment fund. So you really can't lose! Thanks to coach Larry for organizing this event every year! Please let us know if you have any questions and click the link below to get started! ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - GREAT JOB SARAH!!!


    This is what our athlete Sarah Russell had to say about her training with us so far!! Photo on left was last night after my first CrossFit open games WOD 1. Right was July 2018. Same clothes - 7 months apart The photo on the right motivated me to want to make a change. I was tired of feeling (& looking)like the marshmallow stay puft man I also wanted to share because so many people ask me how much weight i have lost. While I know it’s intended for the best it isn’t the only way to measure progress. Ive only lost 17lbs! Yep that’s right, only 17! 😱 Stop 🛑 measure health by just your weight. I’ve lost more inches than I can count ⬇️ (although I do ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - FOUR RULE NUTRITION  CHALLENGE!


    While driving home from up north this weekend trying to outrun a blizzard I was listening to the Ben Bergeron "Chasing Excellence" Podcast. Ben Bergeron is the founder of CrossFit New England and one of the best fitness coaches who coaches many of top athletes as well as regular every day people. Ben was talking about a nutrition challenge they were doing at their gym and I thought it sounded cool and wanted to do it at ours too! It's called the "Four Rule Nutrition Challenge". For a short video which talks about how this challenge works click on the link below: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO!

    Rule #1.)
    You can eat anything you want as long as you comply with the other 3 rules! ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - THANK YOU HEIDI!!!


    You know you are doing the right thing when the thing you do every day routinely makes you break down and cry due to the overwhelming feeling of being able to actually make a positive difference in peoples lives! I received this note from one of our former members Heidi (only former because she had to move with her family to Wyoming but we will always consider her a member for LIFE!) which made me cry like a baby once again! I am so humbled and grateful that I get to do what I do every day and have such great help from my wife, family and team so I can do it! "Hello Cyril! Wanted to let you know there is another branch of the Cyril White inspired coaching tree! On December 23, 2011, I ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - CONGRATULATIONS HEIDI!!


    Congratulations to our former member (only former because she had to move to Wyoming and is actually a member for LIFE!) Heidi Roehrig for successfully completing the requirements to receive her Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Certification! We're so proud of you Heidi! Great job! ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - What is the CrossFit Open?

    What is the CrossFit Open?

    If you would like to know what this "Open" thing is everyone is talking about in our community just click on the link below and watch the short video. Click Here to Learn About the CrossFit Open ....

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  • CrossFit in Chelsea - Strong Together Chelsea - CONGRATS NEW OG's!!!


    Congratulations to all our newest OG club members Chrystal Maschke at 200; Andy Vainner at 100 and Amber Bishop at 100!!! Great job guys and thank you for your continued loyalty and hard work!!! ....

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  • 2/9/19 - 2/15/19 Programming

    02/09/19 SATURDAY With a Partner For Time:
    5 Rounds: (DT)
    12 Deadlifts @ 155/105 9 Hang Power Cleans @ 155/105 6 Push Jerk @ 155/105 Then: (KAREN)
    150 Wallballs @ 20/14 Then:

    6 Rounds: (BRIAN)
    5 Rope Climbs 25 Back Squats @ 185/135 (from floor) With a Partner For Time:
    5 Rounds:
    12 Deadlifts @ 105/75 9 Hang Power Cleans @ 105/75 6 Push Jerk @ 105/75 Then:
    150 Wallballs @ 20/14 Then:
    6 Rounds:
    10 Strict Pullups / Ring Rows 25 Back Squats @ 135/95 02/09/19 O lifting 02/10/19 Sunday PARTNER WOD FOR TIME *reps ....

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