Chelsea Fitness Training Centre

07619 - 071219 STF Group Class Workouts

Saturday 7/6/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Joint mobility

6 min. Agility Ladder Ali Shuffle + Hop Scotch, 8 French presses, 8 low plate jumps*THROW FOOTBALL TO ATHLETES DURING AGILITY LADDER


Then 8x 15s / 10s Hollow Rock / Rest


WOD (10-25)


:30 Bike / Row / Ski

:30 Thruster (95/65, 65/45, 45/35, 35/25)

1:00 Rest


Score is total cals and total thruster.


Should be able to pick up thruster bar and crank out reps without setting it down. No rest between bike and thruster, clock will be set for :30 intervals. Interval 1 is bike, 2 is thruster, 3 and 4 are rest. 5 is bike 6 is thruster 7 and 8 are rest. For two groups I would just have them do interval 3 bike, 4 thruster, 5 and 6 rest. You can do three groups but then you’ll have people back to back on bikes and will be harder to reset screens and keep count of calories. For more than 10 people I would just use rowers as well, unless you have more bikes. This workout goes fast, its only 10 minutes total, 5 minutes of work 5 of rest so they have to go hard!


Strength (25-55)

RDL 5x8

Hanging L-Sit 5x max effort

DBL KB Suitcase Lunge 50’


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Barbell Awesomeness


Row500 / bike 1000

Snatch warmup


• Power Snatch + Snatch

◦ 3 x (1+1) @ 70% of 1RM Power Snatch

• Hang Clean (Above Knee) + Jerk

◦ 5 x (1+1) @ 70%

• Push Press + Push Jerk

◦ 4 x (1+1) @ 70% of 1RM Push Press

Sunday 7/7/19






50 wall balls

100M SLED Push or pull ( SWITCH EVERY 50M)

50 KBS (70/ 53)

100 M SLED Push or pull ( SWITCH EVERY 50M)


100M SLED Push or pull ( SWITCH EVERY 50M)


100 M SLED Push or pull( SWITCH EVERY 50M)



Monday 7/8/19


Warm Up (0-10)

2 Rounds, 1 min per station:

Station 1: 10 Jumping Jacks + 10 Air Squats

Station 2: 4 Dive Bomber Push-ups + PVC Shoulder Mobility

Station 3: V-Sit to Rollbacks

Station 4: Foam Roll Lats/Quads


Strength (10-30)

Front Squat 5x10


WOD (30-55)

With a partner.


30 Cal Row

30 Synchro Sit Up

50’ HSW each or 100’ Bear Crawl Each (same time)


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday 7/9/19


Warm Up (0-10)

2 Rounds, 1 min per station:

Station 1: Row/Bike

Station 2: 5 Dive Bomber Push-ups + Up/Downward Dog for remainder of minute

Station 3: V-Sit to Rollback



Take 2 min each side to Lacrosse Ball back of shoulders with straight arm moving hand from side trying to touch thumb to floor above head moving the ball down the shoulder blade from trap every 10 reps or so.


WOD (10-40)

3:00/1:00 x5

15 Cal Bike

DBL KB Front Rack Carry Down and Back 70/53

AMREPS Legless Rope Climb remaining time.


Strength (40-55)

EMOM 10 Mins

5 Strict HSPU

Scale Up to more reps, scale down to stacked ab mats or DB Strict Press.


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday 7/9/10 KIDS CLASS

Warm up:

How many can you do in 30 seconds?

-Hollow Rocks

-Air squats



Russian KB swings

Ring rows


Tabata-20s on; 20s off:

KB swings


ring rows


Farmers and Lumberjacks   


Wednesday 7/10/19


Warm Up (0-10)

4 min jog; side shuffle; Carioca down and back


lateral air squats down / side lunges back


WGS down / inch worm back

then 20 athlete led shoulder rollouts


Strength (10-45)

PCL + Push Jerk OTM 20


WOD (45-55)

1 Mile Run/2000m Row/Ski/ 4k bike Time Trial, option to add vest if wanted but must be run hard!


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)



Thursday 7/11/19


Warm Up (0-10)

2 Rounds, 1 min per station:

Station 1: DU/SU

Station 2: PVC Shoulder Mobility

Station 3: 5 Light Wall Balls (14/10) + Russian Squat Stretch for remainder of minute


WOD (10-55)


8 min AMRAP

50 DU (25 DU, 100 SU, 50 SU)

50’ HSW (:30 HSW Attempt, :30 HS Hold On Wall, Bear Crawl 100’)

REST 2:00


8 min AMRAP

10/8 Cal Bike

12 Strict Pull Up (I did 2 peg board here so if you wanna give that to someone go ahead, scales will all be 12 strict pull up, just band them, or go down to ring row if needed.)

REST 2:00


8 min AMRAP

15/12 Cal Row (scale this down if needed to keep moving)

5 Strict HSPU (scale Kipping, abmats stacked strict, DB Strict Press.)


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)













Thursday 7/11/19 KIDS CLASS

Warm up:

Throw and skip:

Partner up-parters toss and catch ball 10 x then skip around box together; first use dodge ball then use bean bag





5 DL ---log roll to

5 Box jumps--bear crawl to agility ladder


Tarzan Bowling!

Help athletes climb on box. Swing on rope to use feet to knock down foam rollers.

1 burpee per roller left standing



Friday 7/12/19


Warm Up (0-10)

30 criss cross jumping jacks

then bear crawl down and back

duck walk down / crab walk back

WGS down / Inch Worm back


Coach Led Shoulder mobility 15s intervals

a.)   Roll shoulders forward and backward in small circles

b.)   Arms out straight to sides in small circles one direction then other direction

c.)    Arms above head pinching shoulders into ears rotating in small circles in one direction then the opposite direction

d.)   Scare Crow:  Arms like a scare crow triceps's parallel to ground hands perpendicular to ground moving up and down

e.)   Walk like an Egyptian - Both palms facing up

f.)     Slappers - Hang arms at sides and turn torso back and forth

g.)   The Wave - both hands starting down by quads and doing the wave like they do at football games

h.)   Bart Simpson Buzzsaw forward and backward (big arm circles)

i.)     Huggers - Hug yourself alternating arms on top and bottom each rep


Strength (10-30)

Push Press 5x3


WOD (30-55) 15 CAP


DL 225/155, 155/105, 105/75, 75/55

Burpee over Bar


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)





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