Chelsea Fitness Training Centre

7-20-19 to 7-26-19

Saturday 7/20/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Glute Activation (1x)

Glute Bridges (on back)

Dynamic Hammy R/L (on back)

Fire Hydrants R/L (hands and knees)

Straight Leg Raise - R/L (hands and knees)

Straight Leg Raise - Rear - R/L (hands and knees)



Empty BB RDL 8

Empty BB Strict Press 8

Ring Row 8


WOD Prep (10-20)

5 Deadlift

5 Pull Up

5 Burpee


2-3x adding weight to get to where you need to be.


WOD (20-55)

With a Partner, split as needed.


25 DL (225/155, 155/105, 105/85, 75/55)

25 Pull Up (any scales they want today are fine)

25 Burpees

25 HSPU (Strict DB Press, make sure we are trying to increase weights every couple of times these pop up in workouts)


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Saturday Barbell Awesomeness



4 rds

:15 Jumping Jacks

:15 Air Squats

:15 WGS

:15 Jumping Squats


Barbell complex 3 reps each DL, HPC, FSQ, SP, PP, PJ, BSQ, OHS, HPSN

One time with PVC & one time with barbell


Then Snatch warmup


EMOM – 20 min

o Interval 1-5: Muscle Snatch

▪ Start @ 40% - 55% of 1RM Snatch

o Interval 6-10: Power Snatch

▪ Start @ 60% - 75%

o Interval 11-20: Squat Snatch

▪ Start @ 80+ build to new 1RM

Sunday 7/21/19

Warm up (7 min cap)

3 rounds:

10 burpees

200m run

:30 stretch of athletes choice:

couch, pigeon, hammy etc.


2 mile run (18 min cap)





4 rounds (15 min cap)

8 Z press [50/35 per hand]

8/8 Split squat [50/35 per hand]

8 ring rows (weight or elevate feet to scale up)


(encourage athletes to go heavy and take enough rest)

Monday 7/22/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Row Bike Run 3 Min


10 Squat Side Steps R (band these if you can)

10 Squat Side Steps L

10 Lunge and Reach Up (5/5)

10 Empty BB Thruster


WOD Prep (10-15)

3x5 Thruster increasing weight each time.


WOD (15-55) 40 Min Cap

50/40 Cal Bike (or Row if needed)

50 Sit Up (No Arms)

25 Thruster

40/35 Cal

40 Sit Up

20 Thruster

30/25 C, 30 S, 15 Th

20/15 C, 20 S, 10 Th

10/8   C  10 S,  5 Th


Thruster weights, Black will be 115/75, 135/95, 165/115, 185/125, 205/135

                             Blue  will be  75/55, 95/65, 115/75, 125/85, 135/95

                             Grey  will be 55/35, 65/45, 75/55, 85/65, 95/75

                             White will be 35/25, 45/35, 55/45, 65/55, 75/65



So, I used the Echo Bike for cals, it sucked, rower will definitely be easier, consider adding a few calories for a high level athlete that is using the rower. Sit Ups I did GHD’s so that's why I’m trying to make it harder than regular abmat sit ups so don't use arms if possible. They can cross arms over chest or behind the head that will add some challenge. They can do these with feet flat on the floor as well. As always, if someone does not wanna mess around with changing weights, they can just use like the second weight for all reps I would say. I basically did two sets on all except for the last set at 205 I failed a few so that slowed me way down.


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday 7/23/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Row Bike Run 3 Min


5 Ring Row

5 Pass Through

6 Lunge and Reach Up (3/3)

5 Air Squat or Gob Squat


Strength (10-30)

Back Squat 5x3


WOD Prep (30-38)

3 rounds

5 Burpee

5 Strict Pull Up (then move to kipping last 2 rounds)

10 DU


WOD (38-55)

3 RFT 15 Cap

20 Burpee

20 Pull Up (Scale To 15 Ring Row or 15 banded strict)

100 DU


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday Kids Class 7/23:

Warm Up

High, Low, Fast, Slow

Play music and have athletes move around box. When music stops, call out, High, Low, Fast or Slow. Athletes perform 3 of each movement except squat.



Fast-jump squat





Wall ball


wall ball


run around box

Minute 1, athletes perform 1 of each movement; minute 2, tow of each, and so on


Roll It

Mark of three boxes on floor-assign a 1 to the first, 3 to second and 1 to third

One at a time, athletes roll balls into squares. Each athlete gets 3 balls. The final # rolled is the number of movements the other athletes have to perform. Coach chooses movements.


Tuesday cardio kickboxing


Warm up

Row bike run 3 min

5 ring row


5 lunge & reach

10 jump rope



1,2,3,4 combo use pads


Work out


20 Burpee

20 ring row

10 1,2,3,4 (combos) on heavy bag

100 single unders


Wednesday 7/24/19


Warm Up (0-10)

ATYI - 8 reps A, then 8 reps T...etc

6 mins

5 Push up to Down Dog

8 Cal Row

10 Pass Through

10 Strict Press with BB


Strength (10-30)

Strict Press 5x10


WOD (30-55)

Warm Up Clean then,


3 RFT (15 MIN CAP)

40 Sit Up

10 Clean (225/155, 155/105, 105/75, 75/55)

Heavy singles, this took me 12:27, I did 30 GHDs so they’re doing 40 regular. HARD Cap. No exceptions.


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)

Thursday 7/25/19


Warm Up (0-10)

10 mins of

5 Ring Row

10 Pass Through

5 Burpee

:20 Lat Stretch R

:20 Lat Stretch L


Skill Session (10-25)

MU and T2B Skill Session

-        Cater this to who is in your class. Most likely you will have more people close to T2B than to MU but I would probably try to do a little bit of both.

-        T2B Skills include 1. CD Swings 2. CD Swings with consistent rhythm and knees up slightly, 3. CD with knees a little higher but still consistent rhythm, then finally knees up and trying to flick toes to bar.

-        MU skills include, False Grip description, False grip pulls to chest on low ring (ring row), false grip ring row with trace of pecs and turnover to deeeep dip, hanging on rings with false grip, false grip with small kip, then muscle Up


WOD (25-55)


6 RFT (25 Cap)

5 Muscle Up (Scale to Bar MU, then to (5+5) C2B plus Ring Dip, then to (5+5) Pull Up and Push Up)

10 T2B (Knee Raise)

50’ OH Walking Lunge 53/35 KB’s (DOUBLE) Scale to lighter weight, if OH not possible, do front rack.


This took me 15:50 all UB.


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


THURSDAY Kids Class 7/25/19

Warm up

Quiet Corner

Athletes gather together. One athlete is It. It closes her eyes. Athletes move to one of 4 previously marked corners. It calls out a #. Whomever is standing at that corner performs that # of a movement that It chooses!



How long can you hold a plank?

How long can you hang from the rig?


Smash 3 bugs (wall ball to bug target)

Tarzan bowling--burpees for any foam rollers left standing

toes to rings

hang on bar

box jumps in a line

back to start


Have athletes mark # of rounds

Make smoothies!!


Thursday cardio kickboxing


5 rds

10 SRO

5 Burpee

:20 lat stretch each side



Ground & pound (Green Band to rig)


6 rds

5 box dips

10 toes 2 bar (toes 2 rig)

12 ground & pound- 6 strikes & 6 elbows (Green Band to rig)

50’ OH Walking Lunge (45/35lb plate)



Friday 7/26/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Glute Activation (1x)

Glute Bridges (on back)

Dynamic Hammy R/L (on back)

Fire Hydrants R/L (hands and knees)

Straight Leg Raise - R/L (hands and knees)

Straight Leg Raise - Rear - R/L (hands and knees)


Empty BB Muscle Snatch 8

Row Calories 8



Strength (10-40)

Snatch OTM 20min


WOD (40-55)

OTM for 10 Mins

  1. Max Push Up
  2. Max DU


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60) 















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