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We are not just another gym and we are not just CrossFit.  But don't just take my word for it! I know I'm biased!

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We recently had a member and his wife cancel their memberships with us because they found a "cheaper" CrossFit gym closer to their home.  This always makes me really sad because we pour our hearts and souls into each member, They had made great progress in our program since they joined, and I was very familiar with the gym they said they were joining when they returned from vacation.

They had never worked out at this other CrossFit gym prior to cancelling their membership with us so they had no frame of reference as to why our memberships were more expensive. I am very familiar with the gym they were moving to as well as every other gym in our area and I am well aware that we are one of the most expensive. We have had numerous member join us from this other gym even though we were much farther from their homes. I in no way want to imply that this other CrossFit gym is bad in any way, however, they are not us and we are not just CrossFit. We are much, much more!  We know what everyone else charges, we know what everyone else offers and can completely justify what we charge all day!

How do I know? I have personally worked out at over 50 different CrossFit affiliates around the world as have our coaches and members, which we encourage to do so! Even if it is a less than optimal experience you can always learn something even if that something is how much better we do things.

Many people think that CrossFit is like a McDonald's fast food chain but it is not. We are not franchisees we are affiliates. This is also true for our "Strong Together Fitness" affiliation. We pay both of these organization to be affiliates.  Neither organization, CrossFit or Strong Together tells us what we can or cannot do (except for using the "CrossFit" or "Strong Together" name inappropriately), we receive zero compensation or investment from them and we own 100% of our businesses.  We can charge what we like. We can do any type of workouts that we wish, marketing, everything.  We are a CrossFit affiliate because we TRULY BELIEVE their health and fitness methodology is THE BEST for getting every day regular people very fit! However, we also incorporate many other fitness ideas and methods in our program, including nutrition advice and accountability!  We are a "Strong Together" affiliate because they hold us accountable to strive for excellence in everything we do, and also provide us with significant resources and many years of experience in the fitness business!  By sharing best practices among all of our Strong Together affiliates (currently 7, with us the only one in Michigan).  By reviewing video of our class sessions and critiquing them to help us provide the best class experience for our members. By hosting trainer summits where all the Strong Together trainers get together in person (in New Jersey) and share best practices and critique each other offering suggestions to make us the best we can be.  By implementing systems to continuously contact ALL our members to hold them accountable and ensure we are helping them achieve their goals and exceeding their expectations.  By challenging each owner to ensure they are continuously working on being the best version of ourselves first so we can lead our team and our members by example! By continuously sending out regular client feedback surveys and implementing as many of our members suggestions as we are able and I can go on and on! I do not know ANY other CrossFit affiliates or other regular gyms who do ANYTHING like this!  BUT WE DO!

If you are one of our members reading this all I would ask is that if you are thinking of joining another gym PLEASE try it for at least one month three times per week before you decide not to continue with us and if you go somewhere else and they do something better than we do PLEASE tell us and we WILL implement it if we are able as we are continuously changing and improving!  We know we are better than our competition, however WE ARE NOT NOW, NOR WILL WE EVER BE PERFECT!  However, we are continuously striving for it!  Our motto is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!

If you are not one of our members reading this I would ask you if YOUR fitness program has everything ours does? If not, why are you settling for second (or worse) best when it comes to your health because that's what it comes down to!

We are not just a gym, and we are not just CrossFit.

Thank you!

Coach Cyril

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