Chelsea Fitness Training Centre

090719-091319 workouts

Saturday 9/7/19 Coach Kristins birthday wod!

Warm up:

3Rds each

Partner Rowl-ing Game 

( jumping jacks, Air Squats, PVC SRO while partner is Rowing)

Burpee penalty



4 RDs Each 

Partner Weighted plank challenge. How heavy can you plank for 30 sec?


 “Partner Double DT 10 Rounds: 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Push Jerks *alternate rounds with partner

Women’s weight: 105 Men’s weight: 155

WOD Guidance & Goal: Each movement you should be able to do unbroken. One of the 3 movements will be your limiting factor when it comes to choosing a weight. DT takes 5-10 minutes as an individual. Target 15 minutes.

DTIn honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and son T.J.



Sunday 9/8/19


Run 400 / Row 500 / Bike 1 K


Hungry Hippos


Split the class up into two equal teams and create a small space of area for the game. Each team starts on an opposite end of the designated space and all of your gym’s medicine balls are in a pile in the middle. Once the game begins everyone crab walks as fast as possible to the medball pile where they grab a medball and place it in their lap. Once the medball is in their lap, the athletes have to crab walk to ball back to their end line where they can drop it off and cruise back to the middle to do it all over again. This one is sneaky hard and pretty taxing on triceps. Scores are the total of pounds moved to each side by a team in the allotted time. The team with the most pounds moved in that time wins!




With a partner, complete the following for time: -80x box jumps (24in/20in) -100x KB swings (53#/35#) -120x medball sit ups (20#/14#) -140x double unders -1,000m row



Monday 9/9/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Row /Bike  /Run 4 min,

Then 6 min,

5 Ring Row


5 Burpee


Strength E2MOM X 6

8 Strict T2B/ HKR/ V ups/ Toes to rig

8 Bent Over Row (BB) increasing  weight 


WOD (30-55)

For Time

800m Run

20 DB Hang Squat Clean 

20 Devil’s Press (DB Burpee plus double DB Snatch)

(50/35, 35/25, 25/15, 10/5) DB for both)


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday 9/10/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Down and Backs (high knee, butt kick, jog, karaoke, tight rope, soldier kick)

2-3 rounds



3-5 Ring Row/Strict Pull Up




WOD (10-55)

2019 Games Workout 1


4RFT (Cap 25-30 mins)

Run 400m

3 Legless Rope Climb (scale 3 rope climbs, 10 up downs, 10 banded pull up + 10 knee to elbow)

7 Squat Snatches (185/135 135/95 95/65 65/45) PS + OHS


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Tuesday Kickboxing

Warm up same as class


ground & pound



4 rds Run 400/ row 500 10 Slam ball 5 Ground & pound (5 strikes ea hand & 5 elbows ea elbow)




Wednesday 9/11/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Jog 200m

Squat Therapy on Wall 10 Reps (arms straight, hands near wall, slowly squatting)

Sit in Bottom of Squat 2:00

:30/:30 Chest stretch

:30/ :30 Banded Hip Capsule Hamstring Stretch ( Its on The wall poster)


Skill/Warm Up (10-20)

Squat Clean

Bar Facing Burpee


WOD (20-45) 

9/11 Memorial WOD

AMRAP 20:01

9 Squat Cleans (115/75, 75/55, 55/35, 35/25) / DB Squat Cleans

11 Bar Facing Burpee


Cool Down/Stretch (45-60)




Thursday 9/12/19


Warm Up (0-10)

Row 500/ Bike 1000/ Run 400


10 Squat Side Steps R (band these if you can)

10 Squat Side Steps L

10 Lunge and Reach Up (5/5)

10 Empty BB Thruster pause overhead


WOD (10-40) 3:00/1:00 x 6

10/8 Cal Bike or 15/12 Cal Row

15 T2B/ HKR / V-ups / Toes to rig

Then AMRAP Thruster 95/65



T2Ring 15

Plank KB Drag Through 15

4 Rounds for Quality


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)


Thursday Kickboxing

Warm up same as class


1,2,3,4 combo



AMRAP 25 min 10/8 cal bike 10 DB thruster 5- 1,2,3,4 combo




Friday 9/13/19-

Warm Up (0-10)

Thunderstruck with Burpees :) (play the song, every thunderstruck is a burpee, it’s impossible)



20 Air Squat





WOD 1 (10-25)


20 Med Ball Clean 

20 Push Ups

20 V-Up


Right into WOD 2 (25-55)


10 Wall Ball

10 AKBS (heavy)

10 Box Jump Over


Cool Down/Stretch (55-60)

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