Chelsea Fitness Training Centre



Our first annual formal client appreciation event WODScars is coming up fast (October 18th at 6:30PM)!  We will be handing out lots of awesome awards that night and need your help voting for the following categories!  Please email or text us back with your answers!  Thanks!

1.) Khaleesi AWARD= the person that most exemplifies what STF is. Someone who doesn’t quit, someone who helps others, someone who does the right thing at all times, someone bleeds & sweats for STF.

 2.) Most improved male:

 3.) Most improved female:

 4.) Best person to partner with:

 5.) Most helpful (cleans up after class, helps with any questions you have):

6.) Best dressed/all the gear:

 7.) Most outgoing:

 8.) Best couple:

9.) Silent assassin (puts their head down and goes to work without complaining):

10.) Mom of the year:

11.) Dad of the year:

12.) Community award:

13.) Rookie of the year:

 14.) Nutrition:

 15.) Sir sweats a lot:

 16.) Mobility master:

 17.) Best technique:

18.) Most committed: 



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