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Cure-All 2: Apple Cider Vinegar

Now that we're on the topic of cure-alls, along with Coconut Oil, there's another I want to add to my list: Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color. Unpasteurized or organic ACV contains mother of vinegar, which has a cobweb-like appearance and can make the vinegar look slightly congealed. BTW, if you get ACV without The Mother, you are missing out on most the the health benefits. My favorite is Bragg's. Here are some of the benefits of ACV: Relieves Constipation

  • ACV contains pectin, a water-soluble fiber that helps to normalize acid levels & increase absorption of fiber
Fights Acid Reflex
  • Contrary to popular belief, acid reflex typically results from having too little acid in your stomach, not too much. To improve the acid content of your stomach, drink ACV before meals
Promotes Good Gut Bacteria
  • Contains Probiotics and a type of acid that promotes the growth of probiotics (the good gut bacteria that help keep you healthy)
Cures Candida (Yeast)
  • To treat candida overgrowth, you much first top the yeast from spreading. One of the most effective ways to do that is to rebuild your gut bacteria
Detoxes The Body
  • ACV has antibacterial & anti-microbial properties. Consuming ACV helps flush harmful toxins from the body.
Regulates PH
  • Balancing your body's PH can reduce risk of chronic illnesses & boost energy
Lowers Blood Pressure Balances Blood Sugar Fights Cancer Fights Allergies
  • Along with boosting your immune system, ACV helps break up mucus & supports lymphatic drainage
Aids Weight Loss
  • Studies show ACV promotes fat loss and reduces sugar cravings
Clears Sinuses
  • Helps break up mucus & clears sinus cavities
Fights Colds
  • loaded with immune boosting vitamins & antioxidants to keep you healthy
How do I use ACV?
  • I mix it with witch hazel & lemon juice for an acne fighting, face-brightening toner (stings if you put on open skin btw)
  • I mix with bentonite clay for a pore-sucking face mask
  • I take a shot every morning for health (rough, not for the faint hearted or weak stomached)
  • I've taken this and activated charcoal to cure food poisoning
  • I've taken some to combat acid reflex & sour stomachs
  • I've diluted it with water to make hair conditioner to add shine and take away hard water deposits (also good for dandruff)
  • I've added ACV, Epsom salts, essential oils & baking soda for a relaxing detox bath
  • Used as salad dressing
  • I mix with water and essential oils for an all purpose cleaner
  • Gargled after brushing to remove stains & whiten teeth
  • One of my favorite things to do is to add ACV, apple slices, and Cinnamon to water for a fat flushing detox drink!
The list is ENDLESS! There are SO many uses for apple cider vinegar, more than I  have listed here. How have you used ACV in your life?

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