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Yes, this shit works and transform lives!

I've said it once and I'll say it again!  This shit (i.e., our fitness and nutrition program) works for everyone!  Here is what one of our athletes just posted on Facebook! 10 months ago I got into this crazy crossfit thing, and today I'm off to do my first Crossfit Open workout called 17.1. This is more of a benchmark workout for me to see how far I've come since April 25th of last year. I was so nervous when I walked into Country Spirit Crossfit, weighing the most I've ever weighed, including when I was pregnant, worked too much, and ate a horrible diet partly induced by my levels of stress. My 22 year old daughter looked at me one night when home from college and said "mom, I'm really worried about you - no really worried." When the family went on vacation to Florida I left the room and my 12 year old asked my husband "is mom drunk?" "No", he responded, "this is vacation mom. We like vacation mom." Obviously, something needed to change. So nervously I walked into Country Spirit Crossfit and met with the owner Cyril White. He told me what the crossfit program was about and what got him into it. Then we did a beginners workout, and I couldn't even make it through without stopping, but I went back the next day, and the day after that, and after that. I was so sore those first few weeks. Every time I bent my knees I thought my quads would snap in half, and my back!! All of us desk jockeys never, ever use our back muscles enough so when I started to work with them I thought for certain I had slipped a disc....but I went back. Now 10 months later I am in the best shape I've been in since I got pregnant with my first child - 26 years ago. I've lost a total of 11 lbs, had to buy all new work pants because my body composition changed, and my mind is in a better, healthier place. I can deadlift 175lbs at my last PR, back squat 130, and overhead squat 75. I can run a 400 without stopping and this month did 2 double-unders in a row. Am I a super athlete? No, but I've got goals that I'm making progress towards and that's enough. Coaches Cyril, Shannon, Joon, and Shelby are wonderfully encouraging, educating, and in tune with where your head's at on any given day. Some days you can be pushed and other days the mojo's just not there. Somehow they know that and will push you or let you work it out for yourself accordingly. They work with people who have had their spinal columns injured in accidents and who have life altering health problems like fibroymyalgia. I know crossfit is more expensive than a traditional gym, but every workout I have a personal trainer at my disposal and a group of like minded individuals who encourage and inspire me. It's definitely less expensive than treatment for diabetes, heart disease, or any other slew of age related problems. So off I go for my first Crossfit Open workout. Keep doing what makes you uncomfortable and nervous.

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