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I just spoke to a friend who was one of my first CrossFit friends and who just started his own company.  One of our coaches who recently graduated from college has been looking for a "real" job and when my friend came to the box to workout, after telling me that he was starting his own company, I told him he should hire our coach.  Well he just called me to tell me that his is going to hire our coach to do some work for them part time, however, if it goes well it could turn into a full time position.  He wanted to make sure I was cool with that.  Yes, it would suck to lose our coach, however, my bottom line is to help others in any way I can and if that helps our coach achieve his goals than I am all about that!  My friend said that he hired a coach from the original CrossFit box we both started at and the other owner did not have the same attitude as I do.  That's too bad!  I think the fact that I am still in contact with one of my first CrossFit friends ( who introduced me to things like GORUCK that we have done together) who is a great person and who is now helping one of our coaches, is just so awesome! THAT IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT! One of our first members and coaches is an elementary school teacher and got a job as a physical education teacher because of her experience coaching for us and the fitness lifestyle she has embraced since starting with us!  This makes me so happy! We have members who created a book club and many other friendships that have started just because of what we do here! Our daughter Nina came to the box yesterday to workout after school.  It made me so happy to be able to train my own daughter who was doing it on her own to get better!! THIS IS WHY I DO THIS!  IT’S THE COMMUNITY STUPID!  It's not about "working out" about being skinny, having big biceps, lifting more weight, running faster or any of the outward  superficial things typically associated with a traditional "gym".  IT'S ABOUT THE COMMUNITY WE DEVELOP FROM DOING ALL THESE THINGS WITH OTHER GREAT PEOPL!  FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND NEVER SETTLE! Why do you do what you do?

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