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Never wear flip-flops and why functional fitness is SO important!

Never wear flip-flops and why functional fitness is SO important! Buster the escape artist! I came home at 3:30 on Saturday, May 13th to get my laptop to complete making the movie about our strength from within youth academy. It was amazing day at the box classes were pack, the energy was awesome there were kids there with their parents, everything was coming together it was beautiful. The weather was beautiful. I felt so proud of all of our athletes young and old just tearing it up! New members were their with their children! It was awesome! While I was home, I decided to wear flip-flops back to the box.  It was hot and my feet were tired, hot and needed to breathe. I have this thing about wearing flip-flops.  I like wearing them because they're comfortable but I also have this paranoia about needing to run either away from something or toward something and not being able to because I had flip-flops on and then I'd have to run in my bare feet. If I had to get into a fight or defend myself or my family while and flip-flops I would be pissed that I wore them. I know it's stupid. But that's the way I think! I decided to take my wife Leslie’s dog Buster back to the box with my dog Khaleesi. He was home all alone and I felt bad for him and I wanted to give Khaleesi some company. So I took the dogs in the car and drove back to the box. On the way back I noticed Buster didn't have his collar on, which I'm very paranoid about. You see, we lost Leslie's other prize Jack Russell Cabbie a few years ago when she went down a groundhog hole and didn't come back up and it was right around Leslie's birthday and TODAY was our 28th wedding anniversary. It was very traumatic for her and our family. We all loved that dog. But I knew that I would be careful with him and we wouldn't be outside.  He was trying to jump out of the window of my car on the way to the box and I had to keep rolling the windows up because I was afraid he would jump out. I literally carried him from the car into the box because I did not want him to get away and escape.  After a few hours, I finish my work and I picked Buster up again and put him back in the car physically caring him to the car. I went back in the box to finish locking up and put a few things away. When I went back out to the car my dog Khaleesi was sitting there as she always is just waiting for me. She is so good!  But Buster was nowhere to be found!  I left the windows slightly open in my car and forgot that my window was completely open, however, I never imagined that this tiny Jack Russel would've jumped out of the window of my car. But he did! I called and called and called him and he was nowhere to be found! I saw the neighbor and told her about busters missing. The other neighbor from across the street walked over with this concerned look on his face and I thought that perhaps he had seen Buster hit and my heart was in my throat. But he asked me if I was looking for a dog and I told him about Buster who again did not have his collar on.  He took my cell number down. I screamed and screamed for Buster but he was nowhere to be found I decided to drive down the road to see if he had wandered off that way. I was supposed to be on my way home to go out to dinner for our anniversary!  I couldn't help thinking how absolutely terrible it would've been to lose yet another Jack Russell on yet another important date!. I vowed then and there that I would not leave that area until I found Buster. I drove down Lima Center Rd., South and turned around at Jerusalem and drove back.  As I was driving back I saw a little white animal way far away at the edge of the woods through this field!  It had to be him!  I couldn’t really tell because he was so far away but it was white and Small like Buster! I was so happy I found him! I jumped out of the car with Khaleesi and started running towards what I was certain was Buster through the field.  It was complete mud up to my shins. I cursed myself for having worn flip-flops!  They were just getting in the way flopping through the mud!  I threw them off and continued to run through the muddy field in my bare feet towards Buster who was now running away from me and into the woods. I got to the woods and again cursed myself for having one flip-flops!  I was also wearing only shorts and a T-shirt! I went into the woods in my bare feet. Amazingly feeling very little foot pain and screaming Busters name. The mosquitoes were eating me alive as well!  Buster was nowhere to be found the prickers were cutting my legs and feet apart but I didn't care! I would not leave without getting Buster back! I continued screaming Buster’s name.  The grass in the fields was tall so there's no way I could've seen him unless I saw the grass moving. I screamed his name and searched for about an hour. I did not want to call Leslie and have her worry unless I absolutely had to. After about an hour of searching I went back to my car, I had to get some shoes to continue and it was getting darker. I also need my phone, which was is in my car to call Leslie. Luckily, I keep extra pairs of shoes in my car. I put my old running shoes on and called Leslie as I was walking back into the field. I also took my flashlight because I was prepared to be there as long as it took to find Buster. Of course Leslie freaked out and she hopped in the car and started driving to the area. I thought I saw something white which looked like it was moving around and looking towards me way far off in the distance by the power line. I started running to it I thought if I twisted my ankle out here or became injured I'm screwed. But I also thought thank God I'm in great functional fitness shape!  Even after a completely exhausting day of work and working out in the morning I felt strong and determined and not out of breath! I ran through the field and came to a wide stream Millcreek. Of course what I thought was Buster was on the other side of the stream so I set my phone and flashlight down on the far bank. Khaleesi was already in the stream swimming around and just loving every second of it! She thought this was an awesomely fun game. I tried waiting through the steam and came up to my hips right away in mud and muck right at the bank. I thought to myself this is not a good idea! There was a tree that I fallen down almost all the way across the stream so I climbed on that belly first, jumped in the water a few feet up to my waist on the other side and made over it to the far bank. Vines and prickers blocking my way everywhere and I continued to scream busters name. I got to the far bank soaked up to my chest and thought how uncomfortable it was going to be when the sun went down and it got colder at night if I had not found him, but I was up for the challenge. This is the kind of shit I live for I thought! Unfortunately, on the far bank the weeds were a lot taller up close and I could hardly see anything and I realize that what I thought was Buster were in fact posts for the pipeline, which were completely white in easily mistakable for him. Shit! I crossed back over the stream and went back into the word searching and screaming busters name.  Then I noticed that someone had called me from a local number I didn’t recognize on my phone and I thought oh thank God they they found him! I called the number back and sure enough the neighbor who I had initially contacted who came from across the street saw a woman holding Buster on the side of Jackson road.  Buster was in the middle of Jackson Road right by the box. Luckily Leslie was already there and she saw this and went over and got Buster! I knelt down in the middle of the woods and set a HUGE prayer thanking God that they found Buster and he was OK.  MAN WAS I LUCKY!  I was so relieved and happy! That would've absolutely ruined our anniversary and an otherwise absolutely perfect day. I was cut, scratched and bitten all over by mosquitoes but I didn't care because we found Buster. I went home showered and Leslie and I went out and had a nice dinner at the Common Grill for our anniversary.  The martinis never tasted so good. I would not have been able to sleep if I had lost Buster.  I learned two valuable lessons from this adventure.  One, to overcome something challenging we must commit in our minds 100% that we will not quit until we succeed and two, never wear flip-flops!

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