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Achy, stiff joints?

One of our health coaching clients was suffering from long term chronic achy and stiff joints.  We know that wheat or gluten as well as dairy have been know to cause these symptoms so we created a strategy for him to reduce and then cut out foods with gluten and dairy in them.  OUR STRATEGY WORKED LIKE A CHARM!  His achy and stiff joints just went away!  Now he notices that any time he has even a hint of gluten or dairy his joints get achy and stiff!  In addition, cutting out both of these, he has noticed many other health benefits as well such as better sleep, energy and weight loss. In addition to cutting out gluten and dairy from ones diet, there are several other alternative treatments for joint pain caused by arthritis. Various glucosamine supplements are popular; glucosamine sulfate preparations have more effectiveness than glucosamine hydrochloride. Take 1,500 milligrams once a day on a regular basis. Glucosamine is often paired with chondroitin sulfate. 800-1,200 milligrams a day has been shown to possibly slow progression of some arthritic conditions. Two teaspoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of honey twice a day is a time-honored treatment. Other oral supplements reported to be effective against joint pain are:

  • turmeric powder
  • soybean oil
  • avocado oil
  • rose hips
  • fish oil
  • bathua leaf juice
  • alfalfa tea
For external use:
  • Use arnica essential oil on affected areas (good for muscle aches as well)
  • Apply warm vinegar to aching joints
  • Mix powdered sandalwood into a paste; it has a cooling effect when rubbed on a joint
  • make an ointment from 2 parts olive oil and 1 part Kerosene (use extreme caution: Kerosene is flammable!)
  • Acupuncture, massage therapy, and physical therapy may alleviate muscle spasms associated with arthritis. Electricity delivered by a device known as a TENS unit may be helpful (if you have electricity).
But, the FIRST thing you must do is look for the CAUSE before you run to the remedies. Symptoms are our body's way of telling us what is going on inside. Don't forget to first look for the CAUSE of achy, stiff joints. Diet may be a huge component. I know when I, at 23 years old, eat gluten/sugar my knees start to hurt and ache and box jumps are uncomfortable. Medications, unbalanced gut flora, candida overgrowth could all be contributors. Gluten and sugar create inflammation that can cause joint pain. It can also be an omega 3 deficiency. We do not get as many Omega 3's in our diet as we should. We do however get too many omega 6's from the cheap vegetable oils used to prepare food. Too much omega 6's with not enough omega 3's will contribute to inflammation. A note on fish oil- it goes rancid in a month. You also need to make sure it has DHA NOT ALA. ALA is 'supposed' to convert into DHA but does so weakly. Many of the cheap fish oils will use ALA instead of DHA. Although a tad pricier (a couple dollars more), I always get RED KRILL OIL over regular FISH OIL. Krill oil is more pure and has a NATURAL preservative that regular fish oil does not. You can freeze/refrigerate fish oil to last longer, but if the bottle smells rancid or the pills look cloudy, they are BAD. I will always buy Krill oil first. Check out this blog post for more information on fish oil. Please share your joint pain stories with us!

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