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It was just about three years ago to the day, June 21, 2014. It was the last time my family had a vacation. We were in Orlando Florida for my youngest daughter Nina's national volleyball tournament. I had just sold one of my businesses and we were a few weeks away from opening up Country Spirit CrossFit. Regan, my oldest daughter, who had only been working out and doing CrossFit for a few months, and I were going to CrossFit Mouse Trap in Orlando to workout. Well it's three years later and we're down here again for the same purpose. Regan and I just finished another awesome workout at CrossFit Mousetrap! If you know me, you know I get bored very easily but I also pour everything I have into what I am passionate about until I accomplish my goal. These past three years have been the most challenging for me and my family in every way! Luckily for me they thankfully have also been the most rewarding as well! One thing I have learned over the last three years is that those two things go hand in hand, challenge and reward! I am so grateful to my wife Leslie and my daughters for supporting me in my quest to inspire as many people as I can to live healthier,happier and more fulfilling lives and for sacrificing so much to allow me to do so! I feel truly honored and blessed to have been able to help over 200 people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives through County Spirit Fitness! Many of those people have been with us from the beginning and are still with us today!! Ironically, our athletes and team have given me way more than I have given them these past three years! I have grown so much as a person spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally because of them and this experience! I feel blessed to have so many awesome team members who are all working hard this week to ensure that we don't skip a beat while I am away and for giving me much needed time away with my family! I feel blessed to have met so many awesome and wonderful people who have had the COURAGE to walk through our doors and the FAITH to entrust us with their HEALTH, and in many cases, the health of their family members as well! In addition I have met so many great people related to CrossFit whenever I have an opportunity to venture out of our box. I am also so proud as a husband and father that Leslie and our daughters have continued to train hard and fuel well because of the fitness life style that I want them all to pursue. I can honestly say that after three years of 16 hour days, sometimes 7 days a week, no vacation, and trying to stay fit myself (which is NOT easy I can assure you! As the old saying goes "Want to get out of shape? Open a gym") I LOVE doing what I do more TODAY than I did THREE years ago and I look forward to the NEXT three years even more! THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me and to those of you who said I would burn out and quit, SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU because we're just getting started baby!!

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