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It is my great pleasure to welcome Angela Maniaci as the newest member of our awesome Country Spirit CrossFit coaching team! Angela has been in love with CrossFit since her first class in May 2013.  She has always loved being active and was involved in everything from volleyball to martial arts at a young age, to varsity lacrosse and competitive ballroom dance in high school and college.  Angela graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. degree in Nutritional Science.  After realizing her passion in life was centered around exercising and eating right, she wanted to learn as much as possible about the physiology and nutrient interactions in the body.  She is CrossFit Level-1 and CrossFit Mobility certified, with plans to continue strength and conditioning certifications.  Her wellness career started off in East Lansing instructing group fitness classes and organizing health-oriented “boot camps”, where she helped clients with individual exercise and diet plans to reach their goals.  Angela enjoys helping people utilize the synergy of proper nutrition and functional exercise for much greater health goals such as: hormonal balance, managing Type 2 Diabetes and autoimmune issues, helping athletes with maximum output and proper recovery, and more.  Angela hopes that the clients at Country Spirit CrossFit will benefit from her passion and knowledge of fitness and nutrition! Welcome Angela we know you will do awesome!

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