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Our Spartan Race Experiance

My oldest daughter Regan and I ran our first Spartan race at Michigan International Speedway yesterday..  It was great to do something like that with Regan.  We had a great time!  On the way there we listened to an interview with David Goggins that was very motivational!  Here is the link to the video:  These are my most CHERISHED memories!  Doing shit that I love, that builds confidence with my wife and daughters!  I am SO proud of Regan!  She did so awesome!  She only had to do burpees twice (in a Spartan race you must do 30 burpees every time you cannot complete an obstacle to standard).  She didn’t complain.  She tried everything and used her smart brain to overcome obstacles (for example, she took her shoes off at one of the obstacles which helped her!).  She did a 15 ft. rope climb where her legs were shaking and I could tell she wanted to quit but she DIDN’T (she said that the David Goggins interview helped with this)!  SHE MADE IT!  SHE DIDN’T QUIT!  She even did all the monkey bars, which in the not to recent past she had no upper body strength for!  I know that these things give her so much confidence in herself, which is what she needs!  AWESOME!  I only had to do burpees once on the stupid spear throw that I missed! Overall, I was a little disappointed with the event.  It never pushed me that hard.  The staff wasn't as friendly or as helpful in other events that I have done. The long low crawl under the barbed wire was hard just because it was so long.  Tough Mudder’s obstacles are much more creative and there is much more to them.  For example, they have water under the monkey bars where in the Spartan race they are just some monkey bars set up like in a play ground.  I am also not crazy about Michigan International Speed Way as a venue for a race as well.  There is very little character there. But overall it was a GREAT day, we had fun, we didn’t get injured, we did very well and proved once again that CrossFit is the best method of getting in GREAT overall shape to take on ANY challenge and CRUSH IT!  Regan even saw a bunch of friends there who were having to do 4 Spartan races as part of their third and fourth don Tae Kwon Do test and we saw our neighbor who was there to cheer her son on, who has worked out at our box!  We completed the course in just over 2 hours, but I could have probably done it in 1.5 hours if I pushed it and didn’t wait for my team mate and I’m perfectly fine with that! Here are Regan's thoughts: It's the last mile of the Spartan race after carrying a 60lb sand bag up & down the MIS bleachers my legs were screaming in pain I have to do the 16ft rope climb I was so tired I didn't think I could do it. A lot of people were failing (58% to be exact). Spectators & my dad & people who couldn't do it who seemed more athletic than me saw me struggling my legs were shaking under me but everyone was cheering for me telling me not to give up. exhausted as all hell I didn't think I had it in me but I summoned all my strength to get up to the top & when I rang that cowbell I heard so many people erupt in cheer for me it was an incredible feeling I'm still basking in there's not too many things out there that feel like breaking through your limits like that & knowing I did something I might now have been able to do a couple or even one year ago. #Crossfit So Between killing Friday night magic (sounds dumb but means a lot to me having ADHD & getting better through practice & many rage quits) breaking mental limits & this race breaking physical ones I'd say this weekend has been pretty special

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