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Internship Feedback

We ask that all our interns write a paper at the end of their internships that covers what they learned during their internship, what they liked about it and most importantly what they didn't like about it.  Here is what one of our interns had to say, which I thought was so awesome!  We had the best interns in Meryl and Katie this summer!  I hope that we are so lucky in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that I learned a lot during my time at Country Spirit CrossFit this summer. From a business perspective, I’ve recognized that a successful business should ultimately grow to become self-sufficient and manageable by all members involved. To achieve this standard, it is important to have a wide variety of documented policies, protocols and systems that explain the mechanics of the business. These systems are the building blocks of the business and should reflect all its change and improvement. I think one of the most important business things I gained from this internship was seeing what truly went into running a business-like Country Spirit. There is so much more involved than costs and money. I saw how Cyril dealt with coaches, clients, competition, egos and time management. Also, at this point in my life, I could not be more grateful to have learned that life is less about making money and more about finding a balance between doing what you love and doing what needs to be done to enable you to do what you love. I loved that I felt like I could contribute to the country spirit community throughout this internship. Several of my friends have had internships before and their jobs consisted of getting coffee and delivering documents. I never once felt like my questions, ideas, suggestions, or presence was unwanted or irrelevant. I think it’s pretty rare that an intern has as much opportunity as Katie and I had to really make a difference in the place that they are working. Obviously, I loved Khaleesi because she is just the sweetest dog ever and I can say that there wasn’t a single member that I met and didn’t like. There was not much I did not like about this internship. I did feel like I should have gone to some of the afternoon classes so that I knew the people and what the classes were like. As I side note, I did feel like it was beneficial when Katie and I worked together because we could bounce some ideas off one another and compare experiences. I would absolutely recommend this internship to others. Not only is it helpful to put on a resume, but you become introduced to a community that really welcomes you. I believe this internship is applicable to almost everyone in one way or another. It involves business, health, fitness and for me personally (who is usually pretty shy) I gained some experience meeting new people, interacting with adults that I didn’t formerly know and majorly going out of my comfort zone to even apply for the job in the first place. The flexible hours also mean that you are able to work other jobs throughout the summer which is rarely the case but very helpful. If I could improve Country Spirit in any way, it would be miniscule. I know that advertising is not currently in the budget but I do feel strongly that the County Spirit name needs to be spread throughout the community. I noticed that the members seemed to enjoy when the coaches switched up their schedules once and a while and got to be coached by different people. I think the changes in coaching styles and perspectives was interesting and beneficial for them. The gym does an exceptional job of catering to clients with a WIDE range of physical abilities. Most importantly, I didn’t feel as though any members were judged based on their abilities and skill. Coming from high school and college level athletics I can safely say that I have never once worked out in an environment like that. Instead, I usually experienced, and do experience, team members who provide constant pressure to perform at a certain level, that usually leaves a good half of the team feeling inadequate and stressed. With any competitive sport like that, members are generally treated differently based on how well they perform athletically. This was not the case at Country Spirit CrossFit and I think that it’s a really important element of what makes your gym great. I think the internship itself was very good. At the moment, I cannot think of anything that needs to change drastically. I will note, that I didn’t have an issue with not being paid this summer because I was able to work other jobs because of the flexible time schedule, I didn’t feel that I was kept busy enough that 100% of my time deserved to be paid and as much as I value money, especially being a college student, I also recognize that I was gaining work experience. I think that for a summer internship situation, the free membership and what was expected of us was completely acceptable the way it was.

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