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Transformation Challenge Instructions!

Congratulations on your decision to get in on Transformation Challenge  - we cannot wait to work with you. Are you ready? Because it's on! First things first.  If you cannot make the first session on November 1st EMAIL us ASAP to set up a weigh in / bench mark workout time if you have not already.  Yes, sorry, this is mandatory.  Obviously this we treat this information as VERY CONFIDENTIAL and will NEVER be shared with ANYONE! Second, please read through the instructions below: Included is (PLEASE NOTE: Download each of these documents as a PDF file by clicking the hyperlink):

Common mistakes:
  1. Thinking you can get away with only following the guidelines ‘most of the time.’
  2. Thinking you only need to follow ‘most of the guidelines.’
  3. Thinking I won’t know if you follow the guidelines or not.
Let us make this simple and clear:  Follow the guidelines and you’ll see results.  Don’t and you won’t. Here is what you need to know about how you can win this thing… Point System: You will earn points for the following:
  1. Referrals – Each of your referred friends/family who sign up for one of our programs earns you 5 points.
  2. Benchmark Workouts – We will complete the Benchmark Workouts all day in class on the first day of the Challenge which is Wednesday, 11/1/2017. Don’t worry, if you absolutely cannot make any class that day we will test you at another time.  Contact us to make arrangements.  The Benchmark Workouts are a 1 mile walk / run, as many pushups as you can do in 2 minutes, as many sit ups as you can do in 2 minutes, as many air squats as you can do in 2 minutes and as many pull ups as you can  do without coming off the bar.  DON’T WORRY IF YOU CAN’T RUN, DO PULLUPS, PUSHUPS, ETC.!!!  MOST PEOPLE WHO START OUR PROGRAM CANNOT EITHER!  All that counts is your IMPROVEMENT at the end of the Challenge and we GUARANTEE that if you put in the work you WILL IMPROVE!  You will receive 1 point for each second cut of your walk / run and each additional repetition on your pushups, air squats, setups and pullups at the end of the Challenge.
  3. Food Journals- You get 1 point for every day you have recorded information in your MyFitnessPal journal. You must sign up for the MyFitnessPal app. Premium edition which is $49.00 per year, to do this.  If you are serious about your fitness and this Challenge it is WELL worth the investment!  Email your exported MyFitnessPal journal once per week.
  4. Weight / Inches Lost/Gained - You will also be awarded points for percentage of inches lost (multiplied by 100).  So, if you start with a 36” waist and you lose 4 inches you get 11 points. ( 4 / 36  = 11%  x 100 = 11 points)  The same goes for weight lost. If your goal is to gain rather than lose inches / weight then the same goes for your gain.
  5. Percent Body Fat Reduction – We will measure your percentage of body fat at the beginning of the Challenge and at the end. You will receive one point for each half percentage point of body fat lost during the Challenge.
  6. Facebook Posts – Participants get 1 point for every 5 times they post something about the program on the Facebook “2017 Fall CSC Transformation Challenge”.   1 Point will also be given for every 2 photos posted and tagged (limit of 1 entry per day).
Also, every Monday you will get an email from me with info for the week, including the coaching call times, etc. Lastly, the Private Coaching Calls:  one of the secret weapons of our program’s success. We cannot stress enough how important these are, and what a POWERFUL tool they will become for you.   You can feel free to set up a time to go over ANY aspect of the program to ensure your success.  Just email us to set the time and date. That’s it for now.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with ANY questions. Get ready to CRUSH IT over the next 8 weeks!   This is going to be AWESOME.

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