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Our Nutrition Plan

This is our basic nutrition plan. This plan is based on SCIENCE and EXPERIENCE!  We have researched and studied over 100 diets, worked with over 250 athletes, have over 15 years of nutrition data from CrossFit, and experimented on ourselves to develop this plan.  Is it perfect?  NO!  Is any other diet perfect?  NO!  It is based on basic, sound nutrition tenets and not any get skinny quick fads.  HOWEVER, THE POWER OF ANY PLAN IS IN THE DISCIPLINE TO STICK TO IT AND TO TWEAK IT ACCORDINGLY ALONG THE WAY.  THIS IS THE VALUE WE PROVIDE IN OUR PROGRAM!  WE HOLD OUR MEMBERS ACCOUNTABLE TO THIS PLAN TO PUT THEM ON A LIFE LONG TRAJECTORY TO GREAT HEALTH AND TO ACHIEVING THEIR GOALS!! Conventional low calorie / low fat dieting sucks.  On top of that it just plain doesn’t work.  The standard low-fat / low calorie diets have done more harm for our health than good.  Unfortunately what you have been told is 100% WRONG:  Cutting calories DOES NOT mean you burn more fat – it means you burn less calories. This program simply and elegantly solves the issues of conventional dieting, allowing you to eat foods regularly off limits to dieters.  In addition it will rely almost exclusively on nutritious and wholesome REAL foods (with a few exceptions).  Real food is what our body was designed to eat.  When you feed your body in a manner consistent with it’s design your body becomes lean and healthy – and you become happy. This plan will deliver fast results to be sure, but even more important it can easily be translated onto a lifestyle that will last the rest of your life. We wanted to keep this guide short and sweet, so here it is. Please do not hesitate to get back to us with any questions. You should have the following documents (Click on the link to display the document and more information):

The Breakdown

Here is the entire program in a nutshell.  Just bullet points, further discussion of each point will follow.
  • Your ability to have high energy and efficiently burn fat and maintain muscle is determined by your ability to maintain a stable hormone (primarily insulin) level that is specific to you as an individual. This requires that you mix the proper amounts of GOOD proteins, carbohydrates and fats (AKA macros) in EACH meal!  We will start by calculating the approximate amount of protein you require, which then allows us to determine the amount of carbohydrates and fat you require in each meal.
  • Fats will only come from natural sources (no man made fats)
  • You will log everything you consume in the MyFitnessPal app and export your log to us once per week.
  • You will get 1 “Cheat Night” per week
  • Calories are not a huge concern
  • Optionally, you can take 200mg of caffeine (coffee or pill) prior to working out

Protein Power

Protein is VITALLY important on this program.  You see our muscles are primarily composed of protein (once you take out the water.)  And we will be beating the living crap out of our muscles during this program so we MUST supply the raw materials needed to rebuild and repair the (good) damage we inflict. As important as dropping carbs are to illicit fat burning, it is equally important that we keep our muscle and other lean tissues well nourished to increase the metabolism. Protein also takes twice as much energy to digest and assimilate as do carbs and fat, and it can also blunt appetite.  It also stimulates cognitive function.  Protein is good stuff, and can make you feel good and look good. Good sources are: Meats, chicken, turkey, fish, cottage cheese, (certain) protein powders, whole eggs, and even (nitrite free) bacon.  Be sure to go organic whenever you can.  See the accompanying Food List. We will calculate the amount of protein you require by calculating your lean body mass.  This will tell us how much you need in carbohydrates and fat.

Carb Control

Fat loss is dictated by our bodies hormones levels; primarily insulin.  When insulin is high fat burning is simply not possible and when we eat carbs we secrete insulin and thus fat loss comes to a screeching halt.  So it is imperative we control insulin levels, but there is good news:  We can control insulin directly by controlling our carb intake.  Problem solved. But it can be dreadfully boring if you let it.  So get in the kitchen and make the diet as exciting as you can.  That is why we have included the 28 day menu along that include insanely delicious recipes. Just keep your carbs at the level we give you and your body will be forced to burn off its reserve fuel source (your body fat) for fuel. We know, we hear it all the time “But I *NEED * carbs…”  No, you want carbs and there is a difference.   Decide what is more important, eating carbs or getting lean.  Your call. This one is just not that complicated so don’t make excuses, just make it happen.

Eat Fat and Get Lean

Remember this simple fact:  Natural fats are awesome, man made ones suck. Remember that one simple thing and you are golden. Our bodies LOVE fat.  Our brains are mostly fat.  Our cell membranes are made of fat.  Our hormone production RELIES on fat.  Our bodies were literally made to function optimally with a relatively high fat intake. Going low fat is simple a HUGE mistake. You can have plenty of healthy and natural fat on this program. Things like coconut oil, avocadoes, nuts, meats, natural cheeses, butter (grass fed) and even bacon (so long as it has not been processed.) But you must AVOID anything that says it is hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated.  “Trans fats” as they are know is quite toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

Calories Shmalories

  The component of this program we care LEAST about is the calorie levels.  More and more research every day says that calories are not as significant as we thought in the fat loss battle.  What is important:  Our body’s hormonal environment (i.e. low insulin levels). Really we are more concerned with you not eating enough or the RIGHT things (as that KILLS your metabolism) than we are about eating too much. So again, calories are pretty low on the list of fat loss or muscle building concerns.

Caffeine Buzz (optional)

Caffeine is good stuff. Without it most of us would not even get out of bed.  For our purposes we will be taking 200mg 20-30 minutes prior to training.  You can take it as coffee or in a pill if you prefer (you can find it at almost any vitamin shop).  Also, it is good to assess your tolerance so you are not bouncing off the ceiling.   If you train in the evening you might want to take a pass on this as it might keep you up at night – your call.

Complete Accountability

You will LOG EVERYTHING you eat. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE TO BE HEALTHY AND FIT!  HOWEVER, this practice will educate you on what you are eating and how much. Just like we need to PRACTICE the movements we do in our workouts to get good at them, the same is true for nutrition! Down load and set up the MyFitnessPal app. to your phone and sign up for the Premium addition ($49.95 for one year).  Ask your coach to help you if you need it. Set the display in your MyFitnessPal to “Macronutrients Focused” by clicking on the three dots “. . .” at the top of the screen and selecting the “Macronutrients Focused” option. Enter your Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat macro goals assigned by your coach into the MyFitnessPal App.  To do this follow these directions or have your coach help you:
  1. Click the “More” button (three dots) at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click on “Goals”
  3. Click on “Calorie & Macronutrient Goals”
  4. Click on the “Calories” number and set the calorie goal given to you by your coach
  5. Click on the “Carbohydrates”, make sure it is set to % and set the percentages of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat given to you by your coach.
Export your MyFitnessPal journal to Cyril to receive your FOOD JOURNAL points.
  1. Click on the Progress option at the bottom of the MyFitnessPal app. screen.
  2. Click the “Export” button at the top of the page. This will send a copy to your email address.If you are in our Health Coaching program forward the email you receive, INCLUDING ATTACHMENTS, to your coach prior to your bi-monthly meeting.The goal is to be consistent in the percentages of protein, carbohydrates and fat you are eating in EACH meal to keep your insulin levels consistent.

Cheat Night

This is unquestionably the most awesome (or at the very least the most fun) part of this program:  The night when you throw all the rules out the window.  From 5-6pm until bed feel free to eat whatever you want.  Optimally this would be a very high carb / low fat affair.   Seriously – whatever you want.  You see when your body perceives calorie levels to be too low it shuts down fat burning as a preservation mechanism.  The cheat tells your body that calorie levels are still high so go ahead and burn some fat.  This is done through leptin up-regulation, all you need to know is you can eat what you want and it can actually accelerate fat loss. See the Cheating Guide for more info on how to optimize your cheat.

Other Considerations

There are a few other things to keep in mind.  When you drop your carbs it is easy to just live off of meat and cheese.  That can be fine for a while (albeit short on nutrients) but the lack of fiber can back you up quickly.  The easier way to keep things “moving” is to make sure you eat plenty of low carb but fibrous vegetables everyday.  When that doesn’t happen consider a pyslium fiber product (Trader Joe’s has them.)  A couple of table spoons in mixed thoroughly water before bed tastes like saw dust but will get thing going again. The other thing is water.  Here is our advice:  Drink more.  To fully optimize this plan you should drink a gallon per day.  Yes, one gallon.  Yes, that is a lot.  Yes, you will pee a lot.  The deal is your body functions best when fully hydrated, plus the processing of fat (fat burning) happens most easily when properly hydrated.  This will also reduce water retention under the skin.  Also we have the added benefit of the extra water aiding in detoxing your body over the next 6 weeks.  Body fat can store toxins, and when you are burning fat at a high rate (which you will) you are also potentially releasing more toxins.  Know this: More water will not make you burn more fat.  However, not enough water will stop fat burning in its tracks.


That’s it. It is really not that complicated, but if you have any questions DO NOT HESITATE to contact us- that is what we are here for. Now here is some tough love: You are either doing this program or you are not.   Decide which now.  If you are not following the guidelines you will not get the results you seek.  Following this guide can potentially change your life forever– doing what you’re doing will without question keep it the same. You now have the keys to a new lean, healthy body and a new energized life.  All you have to do is turn the key and walk through the door.  Trust us, you’re going to love it here.

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