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Our athletes crushed the Festivus games on Saturday!  It was awesome!  Jim and I took first place and so did Karen and Kristin.  During the floater WOD on the reverse lunges the only specifications they gave were that your back knee needed to touch the ground and the dumbbells needed to be in the front rack.  But the dumbbells were so light I resorted to jumping lunges because they were way faster.  I knew they were not correct but the judge didn’t know better at the time and was not no repping me, which would have been very hard because I was doing them so fast anyway.  The angel on my right shoulder was saying I should know better as a coach and I should do them correctly regardless but the demon on my left shoulder was saying “F that, it’s a competition and he’s not norepping you!  FING GO!!”  Well you know who won that debate!  We had the best time on that WOD and everyone else after us had to do them correctly!  I do feel somewhat guilty now for not being more honest because the true test of honesty is being honest even when no one knows but yourself.  I failed there, as usual!  But we won!

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