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Larry's Amazing Transformation! This is Larry PRing (Personal Record) his back squat the other day at 325 lbs.  He is 48 years old.  I had known Larry and his family for many years as their financial advisor.  I saw Larry at a graduation party about three years ago and told him that I was selling my financial advisory practice to open a new kind of health and fitness business.  He said that he would love to try my new health and fitness program since he had tried every diet and fitness program out there, was 40 pounds overweight, had knee pain, and was on a ton of prescription medication including Amiodarone, Eliquis, Neurontin, Paroxetine and Zyrtec that he wanted to get off. He said every time he went to the doctor for any issue all they did was prescribe more drugs and told him to avoid any strenuous exercise due to a heart condition.  His knees were so bad that he had trouble putting on his pants in the morning!  Larry had always been a top athlete and very strong his entire life and it killed him that he felt like crap every day!  When he walked into our facility over three years ago his number one goal was to get off all his medication.  Well, it’s obvious from this video that today Larry has no more knee pain, has lost over 30 pounds and is off ALL THOSE MEDICATIONS!!!  Yes, it has been very hard work, but it has also been fun due to the workout variation and continuous support of our coaches and community, and the results are well worth it!  Larry, believes in our training program so much he is now one of our certified coaches!  We have helped many people just like Larry, lead healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives and would be honored to help you do the same!

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