Chelsea Fitness Training Centre


It has been an AMAZING year for our Health and Fitness Community at Country Spirit CrossFit and it will be an even more AMAZING year for us in 2018!
In 2017 we continued our significant growth and are at an all time high for our membership!  So much so that we needed to procure a new state of the art facility in downtown Chelsea to which we will be moving early next year!
More importantly, we were able to keep most of the members we already had as well!
We also formed a new partnership with Strong Together Fitness to help us provide a broader and better service to even more people going forward!
We are so grateful to all our members and to be able to help so many awesome people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives!
We wish all of you a safe and awesome New Year and look forward to helping all of you achieve your goals in 2018!
Thank you for  making it an amazing year and here is to an even better 2018!
Coach Cyril

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