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Sabrina just completed her 6 week challenge and knocked it out of the park!  She lost almost 17 pounds, numerous inches and over 8% body fat and because she hit her goals, as we do with anyone who does the challenge, she won the money she invested to participate in the challenge back!  Yes, that's right we give it to her for FREE!  Here is what she had to say about the experience in her own words!

"I completed my 6 week challenge!  It was the perfect start towards my fitness goals.  With weeks of training and following the meal plan I lost almost 17 pounds, several inches, over 8 percent body fat and gained strength and confidence!  A big thank you to all the Strong Together Fitness coaches!  They kept me on track, guided me through every move, and encouraged me to push myself harder every day!  I definitely recommend Strong Together Chelsea’s program to everyone!  Anyone can do it!"

Great job Sabrina and keep up the great work!

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