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Have a Physical Job? NO EXCUSE!

Have a Physical Job?  NO EXCUSE!

We often have spouses, friend or significant other of many of our members who see the benefits of our program but do not join us because they say that "I have a physical job."  Unfortunately, we also see the other side of this when people who didn't do the proper physical maintenance and strengthening our program provides and then come to us to fix their injured backs, shoulders or knees! To this we say, "THAT IS EXACTLY WHY YOU NEED TO DO OUR PROGRAM!" When you have a physical job you are typically doing the same repetitive motions all the time and neglecting so many other areas of your fitness, which causes imbalance, which causes injury!

Our client Amber works for her and her husband's tree cutting and clearing service! There are not many MORE physical jobs than this and she is out their doing the physical work with her husband and their crew!  Here is what she has to say about our program and having a physical job:

"I absolutely love it! I honestly couldn't be doing what I do every day without the help of you guys! I pick logs up totally different now and things just seem easier. I know I haven't been in a few weeks but I gotta say your program is the way to go when you have a physical job. I actually have my crew always yelling CrossFit when we do something that's strenuous. Today we had to carry rollers(logs) up a hill and load them and at the end we all said CrossFit!"

So if you or someone you know has a physical job and is not doing a program like ours come see us NOW!

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