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Skirt Steak, Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Skirt Steak, Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes Recipe

This makes 9 servings. However, in order to make prepping easier make the number of meals that the meat I purchased cooks as it varies. For this prep, we used 2.8lbs of skirt steak, 5 broccoli heads, 1 onion and 3 sweet potatoes. This will help for your estimations when shopping.

Ingredients: Skirt Steak Broccoli Onion Sweet potato Olive oil spray Salt Pepper Minced Onions You'll need: 3 Cookie sheets Aluminum foil Scale if you weigh your food

Preheat the oven to 425 Sweet Potatoes: Wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil and poke a few holes in the potatoes. Bake until tender approx. 45:00 Steak: Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spray with olive oil. Spray steak with olive oil, add salt pepper and minced onions to each side. Bake on 425 for 20:00 or until the meat is 135 -150 degrees depending on your preference. Broccoli: Line two cookie sheets and spray with olive oil. Chop broccoli and onion to your desired size. For optimal crunch not too much larger than a cherry. Divide between pans and sprinkle with salt, pepper and spray olive oil. Bake on 425 for 20 - 30:00 or desired crispiness. All food can be in the oven at the same time. Once it's done divide into portions.

I like to make all my serving sized based on 1 ounce of meat for consistency and ease of measuring. The below is for 1 serving but a meal will contain multiple servings, for example, a male could have 4-6 and a female is 3 -5 depending on macronutrient needs. Add a piece of fruit to balance out the meal. Macronutrients per serving: Protein 8 grams Carbohydrates 6 grams Fat 4 grams Servings 1.0 Amount Per Serving calories 95 % Daily Value * Total Fat 4 g 6 % Saturated Fat 1 g 7 % Monounsaturated Fat 2 g Polyunsaturated Fat 0 g Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol 17 mg 6 % Sodium 36 mg 2 % Potassium 153 mg 4 % Total Carbohydrate 6 g 2 % Dietary Fiber 1 g 5 % Sugars 2 g Protein 8 g 17 % Vitamin A 79 % Vitamin C 37 % Calcium 2 % Iron 6 %

Grab tupperware 8 - 10 containers. Weigh out portions based on what you need, here is what you portion into a serving times this by what you need in a meal. 1 ounce of cooked meat 20 grams sweet potato 25 grams, Broccoli/onion mix Put into the fridge and enjoy. *Just as a reminder 3-5 for females and 4-6 for males is a good average.

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