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We encourage our athletes to work on additional skills at our facility outside of class time in what we call "Open Gym" or "OG" times.

This will only work IF athletes who use our OG perk and our athletes in a group class work together and follow some simple rules as follows.

1.) Be RESPECTFUL of others and of the class in session

No dropping weights or loud talking when the Coach needs the class's attention

Athletes in a class must also respect the OG athlete's space while they are doing their workout

Don't scare new people!

2.) Classes get 1st PRIORITY on Equipment and Everything

We are and have always been first and foremost a GROUP FUNCTIONAL FITNESS program and that is what 99% of our members sign up for.

We offer OG time as a perk to all our members, however, we are not meant to be a 24 hour / “do it yourself fitness facility”

We realize that we may not be able to satisfy the goals of EVERY athlete with our one hour group classes, however, we will satisfy the goals of 99% of them and that is what we must strive to do.

3.) If you make a mess, please CLEAN it up

4.) SHARING is Caring

Please make room for everyone and stay toward the side of the room the class is not using

5.) REVIEW and practice these rules once per month

Don't ruin this so we have to take the OG perk away!

6.) Have FUN!

Remember Open Gym is for personal fitness and mobility improvement.

Have fun with each other, help encourage one another, WOD with one another, and get after it!

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Capre Diem!




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