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Beginning on Thursday, November 1st we will be modifying the format of our 7PM class to include "Cardio Kickboxing"! 

Our Cardio Kickboxing Class will increase your overall fitness, core strength, rotational speed and power by incorporating striking drills into your workouts. Strikes are some of the most functional movements because punching and kicking with true power, speed and accuracy require people to utilize their entire body. This is why fighters are some of the most well-conditioned and powerful athletes in the world.

With this in mind, our Cardio Kickboxing Class is designed to incorporate basic mixed-martial-arts, boxing and self-protection striking concepts into your workouts. All this is done in a non-contact and FUN format that focuses on proper technique by using shadow boxing, focus mitts, kick shields and a heavy bag.

No previous martial arts experience is necessary to participate in this program.

The class is included in our existing member’s membership at no additional cost and non-members are invited to try their first class during November for FREE! After that, all athletes wishing to participate in our Cardio Kickboxing Classes will be required to complete two (2) Foundation courses scheduled by appointment. 

Please note that while a limited number of striking gloves will be available for use in class, it is recommended that you purchase and bring your own finger less mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves to class, which can be purchased at most sporting goods stores (just like you buy your own workout shoes).

If you have any old martial arts equipment like pads, heavy bags, gloves, etc. you would like to donate to our cause please let us know!

Please let us know if you have any questions!


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