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Thank you to all current and former members who completed our recent client satisfaction survey! For those of you who have not, PLEASE DO! We take this very seriously and need to know what EVERYONE thinks of our services and what we could be doing better for you!

We had our monthly team meeting yesterday and based on that, and the results of the survey, there are several IMPORTANT issues that I would like to address. 

First, we have had several members ask if we post which coaches are coaching which classes. I completely understand why they are asking this question, however, the answer is no. We have several good reasons why we do not.  The first of which is that our coaches schedule varies fairly frequently so it would be very difficult for us to keep up with this and get it out to our members on a regular basis. Second, just like members shouldn't be cherry picking workouts they shouldn't be only going to classes their favorite coach is coaching. I fully understand that some coaches are better than others and we work better with certain coaches. The only way for us to rectify this situation so that our members are cool with whatever coach they get in a class is to communicate to our coaches what they can do better and to give them the experience to get better. I take the quality of our "product" VERY SERIOUSLY and just like I want every athlete with us to THRIVE I want ALL our coaches to THRIVE as well and the ONLY way they can do that is to get honest feedback and experience. If you have an issue with any of our coaches (ESPECIALLY ME) PLEASE tell someone and tell them which coach you have an issue with. I fully understand how uncomfortable this can be, however, if we don't know specifically which coach is having the challenges we can't help them get better! We do communicate EVERY member's comment on ANY coaches' issues to ALL our coaches so we can make sure we are all doing or not doing what the member is having an issue with. We will NEVER let the specific coach know WHO communicated the comments so you never have to worry about a coach having negative feeling for you because you said something that you were not happy with about them. It will be completely confidential! Again, the only way our coaches, especially our NEW ones, can get better is through communication and experience so PLEASE communicate any issues you have about any of our coaches to someone and we WILL fix the issue and if it doesn't get fixed the coach will not be part of our team anymore. It's as simple as that! The other reason we don't post who is coaching when, is that even if you may not "love" a specific coach, by varying not only your workouts but WHO coaches you, we are making you fitter!  Different coaches see things differently, even if they are inexperienced, and communicate things differently and this is one of the AWESOME advantages that we have over many of our competitors, which makes us unique! I challenge you to  find another fitness program with a more diverse and experienced team of coaches. They simply do not exist! I know we are FAR from PERFECT but we are better than most!

The other major issue we discussed at our team meeting was the time management of our classes, many of which are going over the one hour time frame or we are having to cut the workouts short and this is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE! We are working on ways of rectifying this so that it does not happen. 

Lastly, we reiterated at our meeting that coaches should NEVER be on their phones during a class unless it has something to do with the class or it is an emergency.

Thank you for being an awesome part of our community and PLEASE let us know if you have any thoughts about the topics above or anything else! We really appreciate you and your  patience with us as we continuously try to give you the best service we can!


Coach Cyril

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