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Year End Accountability for Charity Campaign!!

Year End Accountability for Charity Campaign!!

To keep everyone accountable through the holiday season we are doing an end of the year Accountability for Charity Challenge!

Click on the short video link below to hear how it works: 

Here are the details:

1.) Drop $20 in the donation thing by the white board at the box.  100% of these funds will be used to buy gift cards for the local Faith in Action charity.

2.) Write your name and whether you are on the AM or PM team on the clip board that says "End of the Year Accountability Challenge"

3.) Starting Monday 11/12/18 when you come to workout put a sticker (yes you get to play with stickers! How fun is that!) by your name and the date on the sticker board that will be up at the box.

4.) You can put extra stickers on your name and the date also if you check in at "Strong Together Country Spirit CrossFit" on Facebook or post workout pics to our Facebook group

5.) At the end of the 8 weeks we will have a party for everyone where we will tally up all the points and the team with the most points wins bragging rights and free drinks!

6.) We are also offering a special 8 week $49.00 membership to any of your friends and family that you get to do the challenge with you!  This is a $432 value!

Sign up by the end of the week and have fun!

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