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You know you are doing the right thing when the thing you do every day routinely makes you break down and cry due to the overwhelming feeling of being able to actually make a positive difference in peoples lives!

I received this note from one of our former members Heidi (only former because she had to move with her family to Wyoming but we will always consider her a member for LIFE!) which made me cry like a baby once again! I am so humbled and grateful that I get to do what I do every day and have such great help from my wife, family and team so I can do it!

"Hello Cyril!  Wanted to let you know there is another branch of the Cyril White inspired coaching tree! On December 23, 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, followed by 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation.  On December 23, 2018, I took that day back and turned it into a positive by completing the CrossFit Level 1 course. I would not have had the courage to do that, nor would my name be on this certificate without your inspiration, Country Spirit CrossFit and the old time 8:15AM group that felt like family.  Thank you for having such a profound positive impact on my life, and keep making the world a Fitter & Healthier place one person at a time; It's what you were meant to do! :-) P.S. Hello to Leslie and your Girls!!  With Gratitude, Heidi"

I cannot thank you enough for this kind note Heidi! I am humbled, honored and grateful!

Congratulations on your Level 1 Certificate and I have no doubt that YOU will be able to have a truly profound impact on so many as well through coaching!

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