Chelsea Fitness Training Centre

051119-051719 workouts

Saturday 5/11/19


50’high knees

50’ butt kickers

25’ A-clap

25’ A-skip

25’inch worm

25’ WGS

Sprint Intervals

2 Rounds:

2x100m (RPE 4)

4x50m (RPE 6x2,7x2)

8x25m (RPE 8x4, 9x4)

Rest 30 seconds between sets


EMOM: time remaining

M1: 5 Pullups +10 Pushups +15 Airsquats

M2&3: Run 300m (200m + 100m)

 All out

EMOM time remaining

M1: 5 Ring Rows +10 Pushups +15 Airsquats

M2&3: Run 200m

Kids Class

Warm up:

Coach Says

Place 4 cones in a circle.

Have athletes jog around the cones.

When the coach calls, "Coach Says..." the athletes follow the directions to a given location in the box where they perform a given movement.

Back of box (by plates)-5 jump squats

Side of box-5 burpees

By the bikes-1 forward roll and 10 mtn.climbers


Power clean progression w/ PVC




5 PVC power cleans

10 box jumps

Wallball Game:

Set up 2 boxes. Place a small box upside down behind each box. (These will be the baskets.) Athletes form 2 lines. Athletes perform a full squat and shoot a   med ball into the basket. If they miss, they perform a slamball. (2 slamballs are placed in a row in front of each box.). Athletes then move to the next slamball and perform another rep. If the med ball basket, hits the box, athlete also performs 2 box jumps. If they hit the box but make the basket, they only perform one   box jump. Winning team is the team that makes the most baskets in 5 min

Sunday 5/12/19

Mothers day Ruck!

Warm Up:

3x 15s intervals of Med Ball Toss in circle (med ball squat toss, 2x side toss, chest pass) with 5 burpee penalty after exercise for each time medball is dropped

20 PVC Shoulder Rollouts

“Mother Appreciation Ruck Workout”

1 Mile Ruck Buy In (if they don’t have a ruck they can run 1 mile or row 2000m)


1 min Air Squats (with ruck or some kind of weighted air squat if they don’t have ruck)

2 min accumulated plank hold (preferably with ruck on)

4 pushups (preferably with ruck on)

8 Dead lifts (225/185)(185/155)(135/95) (WITHOUT RUCK ON)

16 Ruck Thrusters (or DB Thrusters if they don’t have a ruck)

32 Ruck Swings (or KB swings if they don’t have a ruck)

64 Ruck Lunges (lunges with ruck on or some kind of weighted lunge if they don’t have a ruck)

32 Four Count flutter kicks (128 total if counting each leg as one) (holding ruck over head with arms straight out while doing flutter kicks. Hold plate if no ruck)


1 mile ruck buyout

Monday 5/13/19

Warm Up/Mobility(0-10 min)


Banded Hammy (1min/side)

Banded Calf/Ankle (1min/side)

WU (5min)

Row 5 Cal


30 Singles

Extended WU(10-20 min)


8 deadlift (build up to working weight)

10 OHS (build up to working weight)

20 DU

Crossfit/ All out (20-40 min) 

3 RFT 15 Cap

15 Deadlift (225/155, 155/105, 95/65, 65/45)

35 OHS (75/55, 55/35, 35/15, PVC)

90 DU (60DU, 30DU, 90SU)

CM(40-60 min)

Pick a skill to practice, coaches, this is equivalent to free time for athletes, but you can walk around and help. (examples, T2B, Handstands, more DU, Olympic lifts) if an athlete simply wants to move, have them do a 1-2mile cool down jog, long row or bike.

Tuesday 5/14/19

Warm Up/Mobility(0-10 min)


Row 150m

6 Burpee over Bar

10 Lunge and stretch 

4 Inch Worm with Push up

5 Pass through

Crossfit/ All Out(10-50min) 

80 bar-facing burpees

4,000m Row

If more than 10 people, first choice is run 2 miles, second option is bike 5 miles, third choice is done as a pair, split burpees and split row, but doing 120 Burpees total and 6000m row total, this option will obviously take a bit longer. 

Cool Down/Stretch(50-60min)

V Sit

Lat Stretch (puppy pose, down dog, etc)

Tuesday Striking 5/14/2019


2 x 0:45 Couch Stretch/side
2 x 0:45 Sink Stretch
2 x 0:45 Serratus Smash/side
2 x 0:45 Barbell Trap Mobilization/side

Pad Work: 10x Lead Straight (1); 10x Rear Straight (2); 10x (1,2,1,2) Combo; 10x Lead Hook (3); 10x Rear Hook (4); 10x(1,2,3,4) Combo; 10x Lead Upper Cut (5); 10x Rear Upper Cut (6); 10x(1,2,3,4,5,6) Combo!; 5x Right Knee; 5x Left Knee
*Make sure athletes get off the “X” after each combo

E5MOM in Time remaining:
20 Air squats
10 (1,2,3,4,5,6) OR (1,2,1,2) Shadow Box Combos
10 Burpee Box Jump Over @ 30/24
5 Deadlifts @ 225/175, 175/125, 125/105

Wednesday 5/15/19

Warm Up/Mobility(0-10 min)

Roll the Lats

Lax Ball Back of Shoulder Blades


10 Pass Through

5 Push Up

5 Strict Pull Up/Ring Row

10 Air Squat

Crossfit/ All Out(10-45min) 

For Time

5 Rounds of 

4 Muscle Ups/ C2B/ Pullups/ Banded Pullups/ Ring Rows

13 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95, 95/65, 65/45, 45/35)


5 rounds of 

4 Muscle Ups/ C2B/ Pullups/ Banded Pullups/ Ring Rows

7 Shoulder to Overhead (185125, 125/85, 85/65, 65/55)

20 Minute Cap 

*muscle up scale to bar, then to C2B same reps, then to Pull up same reps.

Post WOD(45-60min)


30 V-Ups

30 Toes to Rig

:30 Plank

:30 Seated L-Sit

1-2 rounds

Thursday 5/16/19

Warm Up/Mobility(0-20 min)

Roll Lats 1 min/side

Roll Tricep 1 min/side

Forearm Stretch 1min/side

Banded Hammy 1min/side

8 Min (4 rounds)

:30 Spiderman stretch

:30 Pass Through

:30 Inchworm

:30 PVC Thruster

Crossfit/ All Out(20-40min)

AMRAP 13min 

45 Thruster (95/65, 65/45, 45/35, 35/15)

45 Toes to Bar (scale to knee raise, then to sit up with DB on feet)

45 Clean (can be squat or power)

45 Chest to Bar (scale to pull up, then jumping)


Use remaining time to work up to heavy 2 rep cluster (Touch and Go)

Thursday Striking 5/16/19


Coach Demonstration One Movement then have athletes do NOT ALL AT ONCE!
50ft (25ft each direction):
A Skip
B Skip
Knee Hug
Calf Raises
Side Shuffle
High Knees
Inchworm Down / WGS Back
Frankenstein March

Pad Work: 10x Lead Straight (1); 10x Rear Straight (2); 10x (1,2,1,2) Combo; 10x Lead Hook (3); 10x Rear Hook (4); 10x(1,2,3,4) Combo; 10x Lead Upper Cut (5); 10x Rear Upper Cut (6); 10x(1,2,3,4,5,6) Combo!; 5x Right Knee; 5x Left Knee
*Make sure athletes get off the “X” after each combo
1 – 5 – 1 Rear Front Kick / Burpee Drill

100m Farmers Carry @ 70/53
(1,2,1,2) Heavy Bag Combos
20 HR Pushups

Friday 5/17/19

Warm Up/Mobility(0-10min)–

Crossover symmetry ATYT Or  with 2 ½ lb plates - on stomach - A T Y I (8 reps each)

                        15 Band pull aparts 

                        10 pass through

                        10 bent over row with barbell

                        10 push ups

                        10 v ups

Extended Warm Up(10-25min)

Power Snatch (5-8min) - 8 reps each 2x through

-elbows, eyes, turnover punch

-RDL with high pull

-High Hang Power Snatch

-Power Snatch

Strict HSPU (5-8 mins)/ Knees on box HSPU/ DB strict press

            -discuss getting into handstand briefly, hand placement, how to kick up safely, straight arms no matter what, one foot to the wall one foot reaching for floor.

            -discuss tri-pod position in actual push up

            -much like a barbell strict press, breathing and bracing for rep, aggressive out of bottom

            -discuss scaling quickly (rx no difference between hands and head, blue 5inch cushion for head, then down to DB Strict press)

Crossfit/ All Out(25-40min)

For time

30 Snatches / DB Snatches(135/95, 95/65, 65/45, 35/25) (power or squat ok)

30 Strict HSPU/ DB strict press/ Knees on box HSPU

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