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Why Everyone Should Do Our Cardio Kickboxing Class!

Why Everyone Should Do Our Cardio Kickboxing Class!

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I spoke to one of our members the other day about her response on a recent client satisfaction survey that we sent out. She gave us great reviews (10 out of 10) and her only comment was that she wished we had more classes. So I asked her what additional class times she would want, since we already offer many class time options and definitely more than our competitors. She said that due to her work schedule sometimes she could only come to the 7PM classes on Tuesday and Thursday and she couldn't come to those anymore. I asked her why and she said it was because they were now our "Cardio Kickboxing" class format which she didn't care for.  I asked her how many "Cardio Kickboxing" classes she had attended and she said only one. I thought that if this member was thinking this how many of our other members were MISSING a workout because they didn't want to come to the "Cardio Kickboxing" classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM.

Therefore, I wanted to address this issue in this blog post.  Here are the reasons that EVERYONE should be coming to the Tuesday and Thursday 7PM "Cardio Kickboxing" class.

1.) The "Cardio Kickboxing" format is VERY similar to all of our workouts except we add striking as another one of the MANY fitness movements we do!

2.) You should not judge a class (or anything else for that matter) by attending only ONE. This is a new area for us and many of our coaches have NEVER coached striking so they are very new to it as well. Unlike many other institutions or organization WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO TRY NEW THINGS ALL THE TIME to enhance our service for our members. In business and in LIFE you must continue to CHANGE and CONSTANTLY STRIVE TO GROW AND IMPROVE!  This is why we add new things like our "Cardio Kickboxing" class even though just like WHENEVER we change ANYTHING we get lots of BLOW BACK from members because of it because in general no one LIKES CHANGE. The more experience our coaches get coaching these techniques the better they will get.  When you were new and attended one of our non-Kickboxing classes you probably weren't CRAZY about that either "back in the day" because you were new to everything and weren't automatically great at something because you have NEVER done it (e.g., Dead Lifts, Cleans, Kettle bell swings; Snatches, ...) it is hard and you need to practice it to get good!

3.) Regardless of whether you like the striking in our cardio kickboxing classes or not you WILL ALWAYS STILL get a great workout in these classes and you should NOT be SKIPPING workouts because you don't want to attend these classes.

4.) We have lots of members who SPECIFICALLY attend the "Cardio Kickboxing" class and love it so we must be doing SOMETHING right!

5.) The movements we do in the "Cardio Kickboxing" class are different than ANY OTHER MOVEMENTS we do IN ANY OF OUR OTHER CLASSES. So if you do these classes from time to time you are getting a fitness benefit that you are not getting anywhere else and will hence be even FITTER than if you NEVER ATTENDED these classes.

6.) By doing something you DON'T want to do and going outside your comfort zone you will grow as a person and become a BETTER PERSON! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT!?!?

I hope that this will convince you to give our "Cardio Kickboxing" classes more of a chance in the future!

Thank you for reading / watching this and please let us know if you have any questions or need anything else!

We hope to see you at a class soon!

Carpe Diem!

Coach Cyril


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