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Train Pain Free With Our Injury Prevention Program

If you're training hard, your body can take a beating. But at Strong Together Chelsea, we are proud to offer a revolutionary 30-Day Shoulder Fix program that can keep you in the game and away from painful injuries. 

This injury prevention system focuses exclusively on your shoulders, giving you the permanent fix for an ailment men and women of all ages can experience. 

How Does Our Injury Prevention Program Work?

The process starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Our team will ensure that your shoulders are indeed suffering from a minor injury or ailment and not severe damage that requires medical attention.

From there, you'll take on 4 weeks of strengthening and stabilizing work that has proven to rid many people at Strong Together of limiting shoulder pain. 

Our 30-Day Shoulder Fix program includes: 

  • Pain relief
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Mobility improvement
  • Maintenance strategies

Don't Suffer Or Sit Out Any Longer. Get A Fresh Start With Our Injury Prevention Training In Chelsea 

We rely on our shoulders to accomplish nearly everything we do. Don't ignore your pain any longer. Join us at Strong Together Chelsea for our cutting-edge 30-Day Shoulder Fix and walk away feeling good as new in just 4 weeks. 

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