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    THE place to go if you're looking for a challenging, supportive and fun workout environment. Doesn't matter if you're an expert, a novice, or somewhere in between. The coaches will work with you to achieve your goals. Can't recommend it enough!

    Lisa Z.
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I’m having a great time at the box and love everything you guys are doing. I can legit say this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I’m meeting new people, learning new things about working out, learning things new things about myself, seeing results, and most importantly I feel good about myself.

    Jordan Beecham
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Strong Together Fitness has moved to a new location on Main Street in the old movie planet location in Chelsea. They are bigger and even better then before!  Everyone loves the new lounge area where you can sit back after a hard work out and relax with the great community of members and the awesome box dog Khaleesi!

    Leslie W.
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Great Crossfit Facility. Works on great mobility warm up, core and then WOD. Preparedness for output.....lateral, vertical and horizontal movement patterns. Highly recommend and watch for their new facility in Chelsea!!! Rock on!

    Patricia Korican
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I'm so glad I decided to join Strong Together CrossFit 1 year ago.  Every coach they have are excellent - Cyril (owner), Shannon, Shelby, Larry, and Ken.  They are encouraging and they motivate you to try harder.

    I love the other members and atmosphere of positive attitudes, healthy eating and about half of the time the girls are with me (ages 4, 7 & 10) and they play in the kid area.  The dog is a nice addition.  

    The workouts are always different which keeps me engaged and coming back.  Keep up the good work.

    Beth Heiss
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Awesome workout experience. Great coaches to walk or drag you through. All you have to do is show up.

    Aaron Fody
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I look forward to coming to Country Spirit Crossfit every week. I started as a beginner and am still slowly learning but the upbeat environment and the amazing coaches make it very enjoyable. The new location is spacious, accessible and right in town. I leave every work out feeling better about myself!

    Sarah Reiber
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I attended my first class last Thursday and I can't wait to go back! The feeling I got when I left was amazing, I just wanted to keep going. That says a lot considering I've never worked out in my life. It was a great feeling knowing the coach was there to help you through the workouts and took the time to show you exactly how they should be done. The atmosphere is full of encouragement, positivity and great music as well. The location is a bit far from me, but it's 100 percent worth the drive. Like I said before, I can't wait to go back for more!

    Jesse Carter
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I would highly recommend to all fitness levels. the coaches are highly experienced and they take the time to show correct form. 

    All the members are very friendly. You don't have to be an elite athlete or even in shape to workout at country spirit, they will take extra time to work with you, scale a workout for you and motivate you to help you achieve your goals. You will leave there feeling good about yourself and excited to go back for more.

    Larry H.
  • Shelly
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    As a first time crossfitter, i was challenged not only physically but also mentally. Cyril takes time to go thru the basics and emphasizes how important fundamentals are throughout any level of CrossFit. Everyone encouraged each other and cheered each other on from start to finish. What a great atmosphere to be around!! I will be back and I will be referring! What a great experience:)

    Kristen Nicole
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Found this gem to drop into while staying in Chelsea. From the minute I walked in Cyril, his members & the dog all made me feel right at home. I drop in gyms across the country but this is one I look forward to every year. Whether you're an advanced CrossFitter or beginner, in great shape or have an ailment or injury....this is the place for everyone!

    Tina Bullins
  • Marilyn
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    The Instructor for the beginning fitness foundation class Shannon is excellent!!  I highly recommend anyone who is beginning there fitness journey to take this class. Shannon works with each student and will motivate you and show you the proper form for every exercise. Your confidence will gain each week and she has a unique talent to make you feel more capable and confident. Start your own individual fitness journey here and you will never regret it

    Gary Z.
  • Lisa & Daughter
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Country Spirit is a special place. I am so glad I started my Crossfit journey here. Head Coach Cyril White is very genuine. He treats each of his athletes with respect. He is encouraging and motivating without being pushy. He approaches each athlete as an individual and helps us all work on our personal fitness goals. 

    The box is not at all intimidating. Everyone is friendly and supportive. The other coaches--Regan, Ken, and Shelby have their own unique coaching styles but share the same philosophy of inspiring success.

    I started Crossfit in September of 2014, and I am a total devotee! The workouts are very challenging, and it feels like such an accomplishment to complete one! This has become a lifestyle for me. I can honestly say that it is an ongoing transformation of my body, strength, and sense of well-being.

    Kristin Joyce
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I started my CrossFit journey here 2 years ago and absolutely loved this facility. I had to stop doing CrossFit after about a year and a half due to life things but recently came back and the coaches and members welcomed me back so warmly. ALL of the coaches are great and I especially love Shelby, Cyril and Shannon. All are amazing, motivating, and give constructive criticism while helping you achieve your fullest potential. If you want to make those healthy life changes with the support from amazing coaches and members, this is the place to do it.

    Devyn Trester
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I do personal training with Shannon and have to say she is fantastic!  She is always so patient with me and supportive! She is also super knowledgeable!  I highly recommend her or any of the great coaches at Strong Together Fitness!

    Leslie White
  • Larry & Ronny
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I have been working out at country spirit for about 5 months now and i've almost lost 15 pounds and i only go about 3 times per week. I look forward to going whenever i can and all the coaches are positive and genuinely care about you. If you're thinking about getting healthy and shedding off some weight, definitely try it out!!

    Sasha White
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I never thought I would see myself doing CrossFit.... mainly because I was intimidated by my weakness. I was inspired to join this amazing group 3 months ago by one of the coaches (Shelby). Not only is she amazing at what she does but she is an inspiration. All the coaches have their own way of critiquing certain workouts which have made me better and stronger at CrossFit. I learn from them every day and I value their hard work. Everyone is so welcoming. Since day 1 I felt like I had been a part of this team for years! 

    I highly recommend

    Chrystal Maschke
  • Genna
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    If you're ready to quit making excuses for getting back into shape or improving your fitness, Strong Together Fitness (STF) is where you will achieve it.  Don't put it off another day!  A little less than an hour a day a few times a week does a body good and is habit-forming. This CrossFit gym is very clean and very well run.  Great atmosphere!  Cyril and his STF staff are friendly and they push you safely and hold you accountable to YOURSELF.  Everyone at STF is respectful of one another because of the atmosphere that Cyril and his staff create.  We're all in it together whether you're a new member or a veteran.  Shed your ego at the door and just show up and do it!  You'll be glad you did!  If you've never tried CrossFit type workouts, you'll have more energy, and become stronger and more flexible than ever before.

    Michael Wise
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    Thank you Cyril for bringing CrossFit to our hometown.  This is a great family owned business that promotes health and wellness in our community.   A welcoming environment for the novice to experienced athlete.  No judgements, no intimidation, just hard work and fun with a great group of people.

    Tony Iannelli
  • CrossFit Chelsea

    I can't say enough great things about the coaching staff and experience at Country Spirit CrossFit!  Cyril and his team of certified CrossFit trainers teach and coach to satisfy the training needs of both new-comers to fitness and experienced athletes.  They also walk the walk and practice what they preach!  If you want to get into shape, this is the place to be!!!

    Jeff Kalman
  • Mary


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